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People purchase candles not only as gifts, but to scent and decorate their homes and places or business. Love printing on candles? They’re perfect for celebrations like birthdays or weddings, but can also be beautiful for holidays, too.

Printing on Candles has never been so easy and looked so good.

Imagine being able to print directly onto any candle with full color! Now you can! The first thing you will need to do is come up with an idea of what you want to put on the candle. This can be a photo or a quote or anything else that you can think of.

The LED UV curing is considered as the best available on the market today and its main characteristic is the instant drying ink while printing at the same time. The cooler cure of an LED system also opens up new print applications on temperature sensitive and thin substrates.

As less heat is dissipated from a LED lamp, it is easier to keep the media flat under the shuttle, so printing on wax is easier because the printer is not melting the substrate. Less operating heat also prevents material distortion, making it easier to rewind and re-register colors. And because of the uniformity and long-term consistency of LED lights, designers can develop safer, more stable and more reliable processes for low-migration printing.

The light sources deliver high uniformity and consistency over time, giving the end user confidence in the quality of the process. Now that UV LED curing has gained worldwide acceptance, more and more users are recognizing the real-world benefits.

With artis 5000U you can print direct on candles, the ROT offers accurate and vivid prints benefiting from its motorized driven system.

Have a look at these pictures of LED UV printing on candles, some great results and easily achieved using artis 5000U rotary device. Empowered by artisJet DTS3 LED UV ink technology, the ROT 360 degrees enables rich and sharp color performances.

Realize full 360 degrees continuous print jointed seamlessly on any cylinders and candles too.

You can also print on candles holders. A personalized candle holders are the perfect decoration or gift for iluminate their home with heartwarming memories.Each time they light a candle they will see a sweet message printed directly on candle holders.

Choose from a large variety of ideas: personalized candle for holidays, wedding candle, memorial candle, personalized photo candle, birthday personalized candle and so on.

Printing custom candles is a great way to add revenues, and profits to your promotional products business. Holidays, special occasions, memorials, are all potential markets that can make you money - IF you have the right LED UV Printer.

Have any photo, design or company logo printed on candle with artis5000U!

Flexible and reliable, artis 5000U LED UV printer designed for small environments is the perfect choice for top quality products requiring vivid, brilliant, and high-definition printing.

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