Boosting the Personalization Industry

artisJet is the success of brotherJet for a full business solution line since 2005. For years artisJet invested in developing new core technologies.

We are a company that delivers digital direct substrates printing innovations, which empower people to create, personalize and inspire their own life-styles. We are also driving to provide the business solutions. It's a world where substrates direct printers, software, materials, and APPs all converge in comprehensive solutions, enabling you to start, expand, and build your business brand.

The successor of artisJet mainly depends on providing consistent and reliable products which can integrate into complex workflows.

artisJet remains the source for reliable and innovative printing products. artisJet's team with its global network partners are dedicated to make valuable products and deliver best services.


Our mission

To create and explore direct printing technology, to make printing business valuable and easier for everyone.

No matter if you are a private person, a company or a community looking to start up a business, to expand your business or to enhance your production cost, artisJet is providing the suitable business solutions for you.

We are dedicated to cater our customers’ requirements in marketing, training and after sales support. Our key objective is to contribute to the success of our customers.


Environmental Commitment

artisJet company has been proactive in establishing environmentally business practices that have both reduced the environmental impact of its products and led to the adoption of cleaner and energy efficient manufacturing practices.

We will continue to adopt and embrace new environmental initiatives. We are proud to be part of this initiative and the positive impact our efforts will have on the environment.