Braille sign print solution

artisJet direct to ADA custom braille sign printer

Custom braille sign printer

Custom Braille Interior Signage print refers to an application from artisJet UV LED Print solutions. It is allowing any kind of contents including Braille education tools, Braille signs, Braille daily applications, sign board, and custom Braille tools. .

Direct to print any braille signs & sign board materials directly

Supported by artisJet UV LED technology and artisJet DTS3/DTSAT3, artisJet custom Braille signage print solution delivers onto any materials from plastic, wood, aluminum, stainless steel , glass, to leather.

Custom braille sign printer

Color depth print at one pass up to 0.125mm/pass

Benefiting from artisRIP V9.0, artisJet printers deliver domed and round ink print result with color height.

Custom braille sign printer

Strong color durability and sharp color performances

Protected by artisJet direct to custom Braille signage inks and coatings, artisJet solution creates strong color durability after the printing applied to the standards of different countries for Braille signage.

Custom braille sign printer

Rich yet sharp color performances

Empowered by the piezo print technology and anti-static print systems, artisJet custom sign board print solution delivers the colors onto the sign board in photo quality and highest sharpness.




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