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About Graphispag. It’s been two years already since the Graphispag 2017 edition which was a real success for business opportunities and networking.
Graphispag 2019 event in Barcelona, Spain is at its 15th edition and aims to support the graphics sector in 4 major areas: packaging, commercial printing, visual communication, and design.

With an every 2 years frequency, the trade show is about printing at all levels and its marketing message is clear: Graphispag 2019 - Defines printing. How to define printing? By bringing together a great network of professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, suppliers, and customers and turn it into unique meeting point for the graphics and visual communication industry. It is an opportunity to make valuable connections.

Held in Fira Barcelona, Spain, 300 brands, 200 exhibitors and over 20000 professional visitors will gather on a 9000 square meters surface area, during the 4 days, from 26 March to 29 March 2019.
This year’s major demand segments of the graphic industry are: printing machinery, printing materials and resources, printing and signage services, functional printing, training centers, textiles, advertising strategies, software and design, color management tools to many more.
When it comes to printing, Graphispag 2019 aims to be an opportunity to discover the innovations and the best solutions in the digital printing industry and to strengthen your professional relationships and on-demand customization.


artisJet at Graphispag 2019. At this year’s edition, we are happy and grateful to have artisJet’s Digital Direct to Substrate Print Systems represented by artisJet Spanish distributors and partners, ABITEC Technology (Valencia) and Bomedia (Barcelona).
Look for Stand 27 and Stand 31 | Gran Vía, Pabellón 2, Nivel 0, Calle B, and get to see live print demonstrations of artisJet’s LED UV systems, artis 2100U A4 LED UV printer, artis 3000U A3+ LED UV printer, and artis 5000U A2+ LED UV production platform. This way, you can explore artisJet’s various applications printing and the versatility of our printers and printing solutions: phone case printing, golf balls printing, business cards printing, dial meters and signage printing to more.

artis 2100U is a great LED UV printer with ergonomic design suitable for desktop handling and start-ups or small businesses for any personalization ideas you may have.

If your focus channels on quantity production, artis 3000U is the option for your ideas to packaging printing or others. For packaging printing, artis 3000U gives the possibility to print on a 15*20 cm area with a print cost of only 0.05$ / piece. Moreover, you can print 6 pieces at one pass within few minutes.

By visiting our partners, you’ll have the chance to discover the versatility of artisJet’s LED UV printers: phone case printing, golf balls printing, ceramic printing, cards printing, dial meters and more.

artisJet developed solutions that meet on demand printing requirements, and that is why we’ve upgraded artis 5000U desktop printer: print big and up to 25 cm (9.84 inches) height! With a CMYK + WWWW or CMYK + WW + VV ink system, benefit from CISS ink cartridges for outstanding vibrant prints and lasting results, Spot LED UV varnish printing availability for glossy effects, textured and embossed large format photo realistic printing. Direct print on spot varnish media, leather cosmetics bags, CDs and vinyl records, awards and trophies, bottle and cylindrical items with ROT 360 technology.

Grabbed your attention? Better visit artisJet’s partners, from 26 to 29 March at Street B Stand 27 and Stand 31, ground floor, Hall 2 at Graphispag 2019 in Barcelona, Spain and discover more of what artisJet’s printing technologies and solutions can do for your business.

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About the event. Since its first edition and with an annual frequency, the Portugal Print, Packaging and Labeling stands as International Graphic Arts, Advertising, Communications and Promotional Textile Exhibition.
The Print Portugal 2018 edition brought 96 exhibitors and 9,348 visitors from various business branches from around the world: advertising, marketing, graphic arts, paper, printing, reprography and others. Wondering about the visitors’ profile? They are key entrepreneurs, managers, technical experts, senior officials, foreign investors, designers and creative professionals.

Brought by ProFair Feiras Profissionais, the official organizer, the Portugal Print, Packaging and Labeling 2019 edition will be held in Lisbon from 14 to 16 February, at FIL – Lisbon Exhibition and Congress Centre.

These are some of the exhibition segments that you will discover during the 3 days trade fair: machinery and equipment for the graphic industry, for the textile industry, for labeling and packing and packaging as well, latest manufacturing technologies, promotional textiles, direct to garment solutions as uniforms and working clothes, software printing systems, paints and UV systems, accessories and different components, promotional and advertising gifts to much more.

artisJet A4 LED UV printer at the event. In collaboration with Fabways by MQEurope, our Benelux reseller, meet artisJet UV printer distributor in Portugal, Dados Paralelos. The current market is becoming more demanding; businesses unfold at a dazzling speed. Dados Paralelos understood this, and they are bringing to you a wide range of solutions and technologies for the printing industry: UV printers, plotters, lasers, CNC, laminators, heat presses, accessories, consumables and everything that you need for a printing business.

Among different products, at the 8th edition of the Portugal Print in Lisbon, Dados Paralelos will showcase artisJet’s A4 printing system, artis 2100U, versatile small flatbed printer for mobile devices cover printing, custom gifts, giveaways, PVC card printing etc.

Catch up on the latest trends and innovations within your field of work and join us in Lisbon, for Portugal Print, Packaging and Labeling 2019 event. Visit Dados Paralelos in Stand 13B & 14 | Pavilion 2 and ask more details about artisJet’s A4 ergonomic LED UV printer and printing capabilities for personalized products such as promotional items, small packaging, business cards printing, electronic gadgets printing to more. Get surprised! See you there!

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Get to know the fair. Sign & Print Scandinavia fair has become the meeting place for both production chains and design and marketing end users within the sign and print industry in the Northern Europe.

The fair in Sweden was the right place for those who work in a printing workshop and in the graphic design and marketing departments within advertising agencies, by bringing the latest innovation and updates of digital printing machines, high speed ink, digital packaging production, 3D technology, textile and direct to garment printing, label printing, latest design and marketing materials, trends and techniques.
The Scandinavian fair also targeted those who activate in the sign industry, from large format printing to digital signage, sign decoration and other different signage systems.

The Sign & Print Scandinavia 2019 edition took place from 5th to 7th February 2019 in Kistamässan, Stockholm, one of the Sweden’s most central meeting places for trade fairs, events and business opportunities.

artisJet Direct Print Systems at the event. Situated in Stand G:22, artisJet’s A3+ LED UV printer and related printing solutions were showcased by Absurd Ideas AB, the Swedish distributor with extensive knowledge in different types of specialty printers, accessories and consumables (printers for color labels, UV printers, card printers, DTG printers, heat presses etc.).

The main artisJet platform displayed within the trade fair was artis 3000U A3+ LED UV printer along with a series of printed sample applications: personalized lighters, custom lighters packaging, printed aluminum boxes, tablet protective covers and others. Although it was not showcased in the booth, the visitors have shown a high interest in artis 5000U A2+ LED UV production platform, and purchase intent.

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Event overview. PROMOGIFT – the International Trade Fair for Promotional Gifts and Personalization Equipment, it’s a unique event in its sector within the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal).
It is a place where market players from around the world can initiate and benefit from a valuable database with new contacts which could lead to further sales. Promogift Madrid is one of the most important trade fairs not just in Europe, but among worldwide trade fair for promotional items, promotional products of all kinds and especially promotional gifts for corporations, for business-to-business players.

The event starts on 15 January and it will end on 17 January. During these 3 days in Feria de Madrid (IFEMA), both exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to gain an overview of all the specialized products and services offered within the market, to discover the latest trends in Spain and abroad, to build up a working network, to secure sales and strengthen trade links with current suppliers and personalization equipment manufacturers.

artis 2100U – the perfect LED UV system for promotional gifts. At the 2019 Promogift edition, artisJet and its Spanish partner in Barcelona, Bomedia SL, offers specialized products and services directly at the fair. You will get an overview of the technical specifications of artisJet’s A4 ergonomic LED UV printer, as well as a printing demonstration on various applications and products, suitable for promotional purposes and promotional gifts: golf balls printing, customized phone cases, direct printing on pens, drink coasters, PVC cards, business cards, variable data printing cards and anything else you can think of.

If you have already registered to Promogift Madrid 2019 event in Spain, than make sure to visit Bomedia and artisJet printer in Stand 12-07, Hall 12 | Feria de Madrid.
Remember: 15 – 17 January 2019 | Stand 12-07, Hall 12 | Feria de Madrid, Spain.

About the event. PSI stands for Promotional Product Service Institute. PSI is a professional network founded in 1960, which became the organizer and voice of the European promotional products industry. This way was created the PSI – the Leading European Trade Show of the Promotional Products Industry.
Dedicated to the introduction of a quality standard for promotional products distributors in Europe, the fair takes place once a year in Messe Düsseldorf, Germany.

After the success of PSI 2018, with more than 58% of visitors outside from Germany and a total of 925 exhibitors, the 2019 PSI edition will bring together all the important market players from across Europe and from overseas in one place.

PSI 2019 is an excellent comprehensive platform where, during the 3 days event, you’ll get valuable insights into the promotional products markets and be part of product innovations, industry trends, create new business contact, networking and more.

Fabways to showcase artisJet UV LED printers. One of the important players on the European market is represented by one of artisJet partners within the old continent: Fabways by MQ Europe. This time, the Fabways team will display A4, A3+ and A2+ printers from artisJet UV LED systems’ portfolio. You’ll get a closer look on how to benefit from artisJet ergonomic UV LED printers to expand your digital store, print shop, printing store, gift shop etc.

Whether you choose the artis 2100U A4 LED UV printer, artis 3000U A3+ LED UV printer or the artis 5000U A2+ LED UV printer, during the PSI Düsseldorf 2019 trade show you’ll learn how easy is the on demand printing for creating custom corporate gift items, promotional items of all kinds (direct to pen printing, acrylic key chains printing, print on leather notebooks, CD printing, logo printing, promotional branding items, marketing products to much more).

If you have already registered to PSI Düsseldorf 2019 event in Germany, then make sure to visit Fabways and artisJet printers in Stand L46, Hall 11 | Messe Düsseldorf.
You’ll have 3 days to make valuable B2B connections, to explore all the printing possibilities.
Remember: 8 – 10 January 2019 | Stand L46, Hall 11 | Messe Dusseldorf, Germany.

The FESPA Berlin was a great tradeshow experience, turned into one of the most effective tools to directly meet qualified buyers, distributors, and decision-makers.

Event overview. FESPA Berlin 2018 edition brought together over 700 exhibitors from different areas: screen printing, textile printing, digital printing, interior décor, signage solutions, packaging and display.
During the 3 days event, our team welcomed more than 500 visitors, from all over Europe (Italy, Greece, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, France, Switzerland, UK, Estonia, Germany), but also from the United States and Middle East as well (Israel, Dubai etc.).

artisJet team handed over more than 650 direct printed catalogs, and 200 on-site direct printed “thank you” cards customized for this event, printed with the re-known artis 5000U A2+ LED UV printer for quantity printing customization.

Visitors’ interests in digital printing solutions. According to the event’s registration data, 44% of all visitors have shown a high interest in digital printing industry (textile printing, garment printing, personalization printing etc.).

When it comes to direct to substrate printing, most visitors (end-users to decision-makers) have shown a keen interest for promotional items customization. Whether is about corporate items such as business cards, vouchers for employees, personalized agendas, pen printing, or any other corporate gift, they know there is high value in digital printing platforms.


“Experience the LED UV Printing Effects” was artisJet’s message towards FESPA visitors. The priority was the special printing effects availability: Spot LED UV Varnish printing, Braille printing, 360 degrees full rotary printing. The visitors were interested in all artisJet LED UV printing units displayed in our stand: artis 2100U A4 LED UV printer, small but professional LED UV printer for all kiosk businesses and chain stores custom solutions (e.g. phone case printing); artis 3000U A3+ LED UV system for customized phone cases and mobile accessories; artis 5000U printer for signage printing, rotary printing (direct print on bottles and cylinders, candles, tea cans etc.), Braille print solution and packaging printing.

Personalization industry trends short view.
Braille printing mainly for developed countries, where the Braille signage is a must;
• Rotary printing solutions for wedding gifts, personalized candles and customized bottles etc.;
Spot LED UV varnish for wedding pictures and some high level of art.

The industry is developing into small quantity but much higher value products, while the digital printing technologies are coming to the people’s daily life personal care products (customized shampoo bottles, hand cream tubes etc.) and cosmetics packaging (lipstick tubes customization, personalized make up containers etc.).

Our participation was successful, as FESPA is always a fruitful event for everyone: meet quality visitors and medium to big industry exhibitors.
We look forward to the next FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 edition which will take place at Messe Munich, Germany, from 14 to 17 May 2019.

About C!Print Madrid 2018. After the success of 2017 edition in Madrid, now is time for the fifth edition, a consolidation time for the C!Print Madrid event. This year’s event will take place starting from 25 to 27 September 2018, at Casa de Campo, Pabellon de Cristal, Madrid, Spain.

These 3 days of C!Print Madrid translate into bringing together all sectors in the market of visual communication as well as the new players from relevant markets such as designers (retail design, interior design, graphic design, promotional garments and gifts), decorators (fast furniture, interior decorations), photographers, branding, retails marketing to many more.
Add to this, one of the main challenges of the event is to showcase the new technologies through new related applications, from the latest technological innovations, mainly in the digital area.

artisJet in C!Print Madrid. This is the third year when artisJet is being part of C!Print Madrid. The artisJet LED UV printers and direct to substrate printing solutions will be showcased, once again, by our distributor, artisJet Espana – Abitec Tecnologia, in Stand E257, top floor in the Glass Pavilion.

What you’ll discover in Stand E257? Explore artisJet LED UV platforms: from artis 2100U A4 LED UV ergonomic printer to artis 3000U A3+ LED UV printer and artis 5000U A2+ LED UV printer for quantity printing.

During the 3 days show, discover the full potential of direct to substrate printing solutions as startup business ideas or as an additional feature to your existing business: personalized promotional items for marketing purposes, corporate gifts, cosmetics printing on demand, leather customization with LED UV technology, bottle printing with ROT 360 cylindrical attachment.

In addition, discover the innovations and improvements in printing with artis 5000U LED UV printer: rotary printing availability and spot LED UV varnish printing for outstanding printing effects.

Moreover, discover the printing jigs availability for all printers, ensuring a perfect workflow for a wide range of applications: on demand custom jigs for lipstick tubes, fixtures for golf balls printing, phone case printing jigs, beauty products customization jigs (eye shadow and face powder containers, mascara tubes, face cream bottle caps etc.). The variety is conducted by imagination.

Visit Stand E257 in C!Print Madrid and discover artisJet’s latest innovations in LED UV technology and all the solutions that will meet your printing requirements. Free up your imagination!

Remember: Stand E257 | 26 – 27 September 2018 | Casa de Campo, Pabellon de Cristal. See you in Madrid!

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Know the details. Since 2001, Photo FEST India is a national trade fair of photographic materials and accessories in Kerala. Although of national level, there were international players in the field of photography. By 2004, Photo FEST India turned out to be the biggest brand show of photography accessories in India, not just introducing innovative products, but also providing business solutions to both exhibitors and visitors.

Organized by All Kerala Photographers Association AKPA, the 2018 edition is being held in Angamaly, Ernakulam, Kerala, at the Adlux International Convention Centre. AKPA is the flagship platform of the scores of professionals in Kerala, engaged in photography, videography and the allied fields. Currently, there are more than 15,000 active members to its credit.

During the 3 days event, from 12 to 14 July 2018, at PHOTOFEST INDIA – Photo, Video and Imaging Fair both visitors and exhibitors will discover a series of seminars and workshops, latest photo and video business trends, photo exhibition and even a fashion show.

artisJet direct to substrate printers at the event. You are invited to join artisJet and its partner representative, RS Marketing & Logistics Pvt. Ltd, in Booth No. 92 & 93 | Adlux Intl. Convention Centre. The reason? When it comes to digital technology, photography goes hand in hand with printing. Whether is LED UV printing or DTG printing, photography and direct to substrate printing boosts the personalization industry. Use unique photos, original artwork and graphic designs to create outstanding custom made products for print on demand businesses. Create wedding photography albums with LED UV technology; make custom T-shirts and all kind of textile and garments with DTG printers.

RS Marketing & Logistics Pvt, Ltd will await you with full printing solutions from artisJet: artis 5000U A2+ LED UV production printer, perfect for book cover printing, wedding gifts, custom gifts, gift packaging, and even bottle printing due to the NEW ROT 360 rotary attachment for cylindrical printing; and artis 3000T A3+ DTG system for textile printing with the advantage of customizing all kinds of garments: classic T-shirt printing, printing on T-shirt sleeves, canvas tote bags and backpacks printing, custom dog clothing, personalized baby clothing such as baby bibs, baby singlet suits, and baby bodysuits due to the eco-friendly DTG inks and perfect match with cotton substrates. Want more? Personalized uniforms such as custom aprons.

Join artisJet and RS Marketing & Logistics Pvt Ltd in Booth 92&93 – Adlux International Convention and Exhibition Center, PhotoFEST India, from 12 to 14 July 2018.

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Taipei PACK 2018. Today already marked the start of Taipei Pack 2018 edition, a significant international exhibition on the continent of Asia. With a renowned background, Taipei International Packaging Industry Show brings together packaging industry professionals from all over the world, who seek to expand their businesses to Asian territory. The Taipei PACK event pairs with Foodtech & Pharmatech TAIPEI, FOOD TAIPEI, Taiwan Horeca and HALAL TAIWAN, making it Asia’s premier packaging exhibition.

Organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and Taiwan Packaging Association, the 2018 edition is being held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, Ground Level, Area 1 and TWTC Exhibition Hall 1, Ground Level, Area D.

artisJet Packaging LED UV Printing Solutions brought to Taipei. During the 4 days event, you will discover a large variety of professionals with expertise in: packaging machinery and materials, packaging plant systems, filling / sealing / weighing machinery, printing machinery, food and pharmaceuticals packaging machinery, bag making machinery and many others.

artisJet’s partner in Taiwan, Mega Printing Technology Co., Ltd., is already showcasing one of artisJet’s A3+ LED UV printers, the artis 3000U printer model. Ergonomic in size, artis 3000U LED UV printer is suitable for small working environments, making it a versatile desktop printer for print on demand workflows.
With the capability of printing on an extensive array of media and applications for personalization businesses, artis 3000U is also suitable for packaging printing: cardboard boxes printing, cosmetics packaging, custom wedding gift packaging, wood boxes, gift packaging of different substrates, graduation gifts, customized small boxes for medals, prototype packaging printing to larger packaging items, due to its 9 cm printing height.

Visit us in Taiwan! If you want to see the artis 3000U A3+ LED UV printer, our partner will be waiting for you with onsite printing demonstration in Booth I0301 | Hall 1 | Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 27 – 30 June 2018!

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About the event. Photography, Videography, Digital Imaging, Frame & Album Exhibition, or Photo Today Show, is an international exhibition that brings together professional and amateur photographers, film industry professionals, photo retailers, digital printing business players, graphic designers, resellers and many other photography industry related professionals.

When? Open doors today, 27 June and until 29 June 2018. Where? The all-in-one show dedicated to photography will be held in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.
Photo Today has become a leading show for the industry. During the 3 day event, around 20,000 relevant visitors are expected to attend Photo Today 2018 edition.
Nevertheless, at Photo Today 2018 you will discover the latest digital imaging services and equipments, as well as other range of products related to the amazing creative world of photography.

artisJet at Photo Today 2018. artisJet Direct to Substrate Printing Solutions will be represented by its partner in Bangalore, R.S Marketing & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Together with our partners, in Photo Today 2018 you will discover two of artisJet reknown platforms: the artis 5000U A2+ LED UV printer, for quantity printing and rotary printing too with the recently launched ROT 360 degrees technology for cylindrical printing (wedding bottle printing, baby bottle printing, candle printing, cylindrical packaging printing etc.), and artis 3000T A3+ DTG printer, perfect solution for direct to garment and textile printing.
With focus on custom wedding applications, you will learn the benefits of print on demand with artisJet DTG and LED UV technologies.

The printers. artis 5000U is the best option when it comes to customize multiple wedding invitations, benefiting from its SPOT LED UV Varnish technology, which ensures a high gloss and diamond-like effect for your print finishes.
A great additional feature for artis 5000U, is the ROT 360 cylindrical device, which helps in personalizing both wedding bottles gifts and bottle packaging with the same design. Your choice!

The DTG printer levels up the garment printing industry by allowing printing complex graphics, artworks and images at high resolution output: T-shirt printing, baby clothing, jeans printing, tote bags printing, canvas bags, cotton shirts, aprons, dog clothes, sports socks, promotional garments for different events etc. Due to the custom on demand printing jigs, you can print on the short sleeve of the T-shirts or on the long sleeve of the sweat shirts and parkas too.

To discover the real printing capabilities of artisJet printers, we invite you for product demonstrations in Stall P82, Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, starting 27 June 2018! Our partners await you!

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