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About Graphispag. It’s been two years already since the Graphispag 2017 edition which was a real success for business opportunities and networking.
Graphispag 2019 event in Barcelona, Spain is at its 15th edition and aims to support the graphics sector in 4 major areas: packaging, commercial printing, visual communication, and design.

With an every 2 years frequency, the trade show is about printing at all levels and its marketing message is clear: Graphispag 2019 - Defines printing. How to define printing? By bringing together a great network of professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, suppliers, and customers and turn it into unique meeting point for the graphics and visual communication industry. It is an opportunity to make valuable connections.

Held in Fira Barcelona, Spain, 300 brands, 200 exhibitors and over 20000 professional visitors will gather on a 9000 square meters surface area, during the 4 days, from 26 March to 29 March 2019.
This year’s major demand segments of the graphic industry are: printing machinery, printing materials and resources, printing and signage services, functional printing, training centers, textiles, advertising strategies, software and design, color management tools to many more.
When it comes to printing, Graphispag 2019 aims to be an opportunity to discover the innovations and the best solutions in the digital printing industry and to strengthen your professional relationships and on-demand customization.


artisJet at Graphispag 2019. At this year’s edition, we are happy and grateful to have artisJet’s Digital Direct to Substrate Print Systems represented by artisJet Spanish distributors and partners, ABITEC Technology (Valencia) and Bomedia (Barcelona).
Look for Stand 27 and Stand 31 | Gran Vía, Pabellón 2, Nivel 0, Calle B, and get to see live print demonstrations of artisJet’s LED UV systems, artis 2100U A4 LED UV printer, artis 3000U A3+ LED UV printer, and artis 5000U A2+ LED UV production platform. This way, you can explore artisJet’s various applications printing and the versatility of our printers and printing solutions: phone case printing, golf balls printing, business cards printing, dial meters and signage printing to more.

artis 2100U is a great LED UV printer with ergonomic design suitable for desktop handling and start-ups or small businesses for any personalization ideas you may have.

If your focus channels on quantity production, artis 3000U is the option for your ideas to packaging printing or others. For packaging printing, artis 3000U gives the possibility to print on a 15*20 cm area with a print cost of only 0.05$ / piece. Moreover, you can print 6 pieces at one pass within few minutes.

By visiting our partners, you’ll have the chance to discover the versatility of artisJet’s LED UV printers: phone case printing, golf balls printing, ceramic printing, cards printing, dial meters and more.

artisJet developed solutions that meet on demand printing requirements, and that is why we’ve upgraded artis 5000U desktop printer: print big and up to 25 cm (9.84 inches) height! With a CMYK + WWWW or CMYK + WW + VV ink system, benefit from CISS ink cartridges for outstanding vibrant prints and lasting results, Spot LED UV varnish printing availability for glossy effects, textured and embossed large format photo realistic printing. Direct print on spot varnish media, leather cosmetics bags, CDs and vinyl records, awards and trophies, bottle and cylindrical items with ROT 360 technology.

Grabbed your attention? Better visit artisJet’s partners, from 26 to 29 March at Street B Stand 27 and Stand 31, ground floor, Hall 2 at Graphispag 2019 in Barcelona, Spain and discover more of what artisJet’s printing technologies and solutions can do for your business.

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