Braille printing from Pictobraille


Established in 1995, Pictobraille represents a range of Building Code of Australia BCA compliant tactile and Braille sign solutions manufactured by Australian company Shapemakers. Pictobraille is specialized in producing in-house custom signs, from toilet and amenity sign products range available in many materials including acrylic, aluminum and stainless steel.

Back in September 2020, Mr. Ian Ferrier, general manager at Pictobraille, has reached artisJet as he was interested in UV LED printing and to find another way to print Braille and to test new Braille technologies such as Braille LED UV printing.


As Ian was interested in purchasing a printer for testing, he considered artisJet Young A4 LED UV printer was too much for his needs, so other printer had to be considered to fit his budget investing into a printer for technology testing. With the request of being able to print multiple signs at one time, Ian inquired for artis 5000U B2 LED UV printer, however, sample testing was done first with artisJet Young printer: we tested Braille dots printing on wood material with customer’s own design.

At Pictobraille, Braille signs are made mostly on plastic / acrylic and aluminum panels, so Ian was concerned about the LED UV ink adhesion and he could not perfectly tell if this would be good on plastic as it was on Braille wood panels. Therefore, a second sample testing was done on Braille plastic printing, also testing the ink adhesion on plastic under different circumstances. Ian was satisfied with the ink adhesion and the scratch resistance of the finishing, and decided to also test varnish printing, this time with artis 5000U production printer which uses varnish ink too. For varnish printing, all details were provided via sample live video demonstration and photos.

After some time, Ian looked into artis 3000U pro B3 LED UV printer, and wanted to understand the differences between the two larger size printers. The artis 5000U printer accommodates a printing height of 10 and up to 20 cm, depending on customer’s production needs; add to this, it allows printing more items in one pass due to flatbed bigger size.


Once again, Braille sample testing was provided, this time testing the Braille dots printing on acrylic panels. Ian was satisfied with the last sample testing and decided that artis 3000U pro B3 LED UV printer was the target model for Pictobraille’s printing requirements and for testing new ways for their Braille signs business: “The solution seems promising!”.

braille printing on wood sign