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Since the official Covid control guidelines have been adjusted, there have been concerns regarding the potential risks if being infected.

As a proactive response, artisJet has introduced flexible workplace arrangements by providing the option of working from home for everyone.

In spite of this, some of our colleagues have shrugged off the possible perils and insisted on showing up at work, displaying a high level of dedication and professionalism.

artisJet team 1
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Their presence has inspired all of us to be strong in this period of uncertainty and unease.

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We appreciate everyone’s effort to confront the difficulties of balancing protection and production, while also stressing the importance of adequate protection to safeguard one’s health in this last stretch in the struggle against Covid-19 pandemic.

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We are confident that we’ll get through this tail end of the epidemic quickly and successfully. Be positive.

Original post from artisJet official WeChat channel.