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About K-Handmade Fair in Seoul 2023.

Dedicated to all things handmade, the K-Handmade Fair 2023 emerges as a vibrant platform for both non-professional and professional artists/businesses to showcase, promote, and market their unique crafts. With an impressive lineup of approximately 500 booths, the event will feature a diverse array of items including wood and leather works, paintings, sculptures, fashion accessories, cosmetics, interior/lifestyle goods, and delectable foods, among other treasures.

artisJet and Mirtech Korea – Joining forces in printing technology.

At Booth D-15, visitors can expect to witness the unveiling of artis 3000U pro and artisJet Young UV LED printers brought to you by Mirtech Korea, our esteemed distributor. This cutting-edge technology stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and innovation, perfectly complementing handmade businesses. An official from the company said, “Based on the high reliability we have built up so far in the field of UV printers and laser engravers, we have secured the distribution rights of artisJet and introduced the product, so we can actively promote artisJet’s excellent product performance so that UV printers can be widely used in more places”.

What to expect.

Step into a world where UV print technology transcends boundaries! Our UV LED printers boast unparalleled versatility, allowing for the customization of a wide range of products and materials, including wooden items, cardboard, PVC, acrylic, plastic, canvas and leather items, MDF, glass, aluminum, and more. Experience the magic of obtaining lasting, vibrant colors on items such as phone cases, cosmetics packaging, personalized cards and smart cards, pens, and a myriad of other creations. Witness first-hand the limitless possibilities that our technology brings to the realm of handmade craftsmanship.

Not Just for Attendees.

For those unable to attend the event in person, artisJet and Mirtech Korea ensure accessibility to our showcased solutions online. Simply click to visit, connect with us or contact us here or connect with our distributor and embark on a digital journey of discovery.


From November 30th to December 3rd, join artisJet and Mirtech Korea at the K-Handmade Fair Seoul | Coex Hall B as we unveil the future of handmade craftsmanship. Embrace the extraordinary versatility of UV print technology and witness tradition meet innovation at Booth D-15. See you there!

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a time-honored tradition in Chinese culture. As the full moon graces the night sky, families come together to share in the warmth of togetherness.

Interesting Facts about the Mid-Autumn Festival

  1. 🥮 The Mooncake: A Symbol of Unity

    Central to the Mid-Autumn Festival is the mooncake, a delectable pastry that holds deep symbolism. These round treats, often filled with lotus seed paste or red bean paste and featuring a salted egg yolk at the center, represent unity and togetherness. Families gather to share and enjoy mooncakes, fostering a sense of connection that echoes the festival's spirit.

  2. 🏮 Lanterns Aglow: Illuminating the Night

    Lanterns, aglow with vibrant hues, fill the night during Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. People of all ages carry lanterns of various shapes and sizes, creating a mesmerizing display that lights up the darkness. The beauty of these lanterns adds a magical touch to the festivities, symbolizing hope and good fortune.

  3. 🌕 Chang’e and the Moon Goddess Legend

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is steeped in myth, with one of its central figures being Chang’e, the Moon Goddess. According to Chinese mythology, she resides on the moon and is accompanied by a jade rabbit. During the festival, many offer prayers and make offerings to Chang’e, adding a spiritual dimension to the celebration.

  4. 🌝 Moon Appreciation: A Time for Reflection

    Amidst the festivities, the Mid-Autumn Festival provides a unique opportunity for moon appreciation. In Chinese culture, the full moon symbolizes reunion and completeness. Families often gather outdoors, sharing stories and admiring the moon's luminous beauty. This tradition fosters a sense of reflection and gratitude for the bonds that connect us.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated annually in September or October, offers a rich tapestry of traditions and cultural significance. As the moon graces the night sky, and families come together to share mooncakes, carry lanterns, and reflect on the legend of Chang’e, the spirit of unity and togetherness prevails. It's a celebration that transcends generations, encapsulating the beauty of tradition and the enduring power of family bonds. From all of us at artisJet, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!

C!Print Madrid 2023

📆 Mark your calendars for September 19-21, 2023, and head over to IFEMA in Madrid for an unforgettable experience at the C!Print Madrid exhibition! 🇪🇸

🖼️ At Stand B57, get ready to witness the power of the artisJet Young UV printer, a true game-changer that industry professionals just have to see in action. 🌈

🤩 What can you expect? 🌟

  • ✅ Live demonstrations showcasing the precision and capabilities of the artisJet Young printer.
  • ✅ Get hands-on and experience the magic of UV printing for yourself.
  • ✅ Exclusive insights into the latest trends and innovations in the world of printing.
  • ✅ Meet our experts and get your questions answered.

🌟 C!Print Madrid is a premier event that brings together the best in printing, visual communication, and personalization technology. It's a hub of innovation, a showcase of creativity, and a networking paradise for professionals across industries. Join us at this dynamic show to discover the future of printing! Whether you're a printing enthusiast, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the capabilities of the artisJet Young, this is an event you won't want to miss!

🌠 Join us at C!Print Madrid 2023 to witness the art of printing like never before.

🎉 Save the date and tag your friends who need to see this! See you at Stand B57!

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Happy 15th Anniversary for FESPA Mexico 2023!

Mark your calendars for August 17-19 in Mexico City as artisJet proudly showcases the state-of-the-art UV printers at the highly anticipated FESPA MEXICO 2023, the largest exhibition for the graphic arts industry in Mexico and Central America.

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of printing technology as the artisJet product lines, including artis 5000U and artis 3000U Pro, are on full display with their precision, vibrant colors, and exceptional performance.

The event takes place at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City, and we invite you to join us at Stand A7 to experience artisJet printing solutions in action. Witness how they seamlessly transform ordinary materials into stunning works of art, all with a touch of innovation and craftsmanship.

Whether you're an industry professional, printing enthusiast, or simply curious about the latest printing solutions, FESPA MEXICO 2023 is the perfect opportunity to explore the possibilities of artisJet's UV printers.

Don't miss this chance to connect with artisJet's knowledgeable team, who will be on hand to answer your questions and share their expertise. See firsthand how artisJet is leading the way in empowering businesses with top-notch printing solutions.

Spread the word and join us at FESPA MEXICO 2023 to witness a storm of colorful possibilities with artisJet!

Join us in Mexico!

We’re thrilled to announce that artisJet is currently showcasing our cutting-edge printing solutions at the highly anticipated exhibition, Publicitaria Imprexpo, in Mexico.

Running until Friday the 14th, this exhibition is a must-visit for anyone passionate about printing, customization, digital printing, and its role in advertising. At the artisJet booth (Stand 206), attendees have the exclusive chance to witness and experience two of our inkjet UV printing systems: artis 3000U pro and artis 5000U production printers, live in action.

artis 3000U pro printing system
artis 5000U printing system

Whether you’re in the advertising industry, a printing enthusiast looking for the right print solutions for your business, or simply curious about the latest innovation in personalization industry – wall décor printing, signage printing, real photo print quality, touchable printing effects with 3D embossed and Braille dots – Braille signage, 360 rotary printing, and much more - this event is your gateway to exploring the world of customization with artisJet.

touchable print effect on wood photo decoration
cartoon characters 360 rotary printing on aluminum cans
wall decoration printing on canvas board

Save the event details!

From 13 to 14 July (today is the last day!), visit artisJet in Stand 206, at Publicitaria Imprexpo – Avenida Mariano Otero 1499, EXPO Guadalajara, Mexico.

Don’t miss out the inspirational ideas and printing surprises artisJet Mexico team has prepared for you! See you there, cannot wait to meet and learn more about you, our visitor, and your creative ideas in printing. Let’s make them real and #wowthoseyouvalue!

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Without limits in Colombia – ANDIGRÁFICA 2023

The printing industry is constantly evolving, and there’s no better place to keep up with the latest trends and technology than Andigráfica 2023. Taking place in Bogotá, Colombia, this leading event in the LATAM region is a must-attend for anyone involved in the printing industry – machinery in printing equipment, design, advertising, digital printing, offset printing, packaging printing, web-to-print and more.

Organized by Andigraf, the graphic communication productive chain of Colombia, and Corferias, the international Business and Exhibitions Center of Bogota, Andigráfica is the meeting place for national and international manufacturers, distributors, brand representatives, and the new technological developments that reinforce the on-demand printing.

Under the tagline “Andigráfica Without Limits / Andigráfica Sin Limites”, and with over 300 exhibitors from all over the world, Andigráfica 2023 is the perfect opportunity to see the latest printing solutions and innovations in action. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C customer in the printing industry, or a printing innovator interested in personalization, you will have the chance to learn from experts in the field and network with like-minded professionals. Don’t miss your chance to be part of Andigráfica 2023, visit the official website to learn more and register.

Digital Color to showcase artisJet UV LED technology in South America

One of the highlights of Andigráfica 2023 will be the artis 3000U pro UV LED Printer, which will be showcased by our partner, DIGITAL COLOR, at the event. This state-of-the-art printer is a game-changer for anyone involved in the personalized printing industry.

Featuring advanced UV LED printing technology, the artis 3000U pro delivers stunning results on a wide range of materials, including glass, metal, plastics, and more. Its versatile capabilities make it an ideal solution for a variety of applications, from small to large cylindrical customization (cosmetics bottle serums printing, water bottles, circular pen printing etc.), to signage printing (Braille signage), promotional items customization for marketing purposes and more.

vdp card printing
braille signage printing
rotary printing on small rounded bottles

The printer's high-resolution printing capabilities ensure that every detail of your design is captured with stunning clarity, while its fast-printing speed means you can get more done in less time. This is a crucial advantage for businesses looking to scale up their production and deliver more personalized items to their customers.

But that's not all - the artis 3000U pro also comes equipped with a range of innovative features designed to make the printing process easier and more efficient. Its intelligent ink management system ensures that ink is used efficiently, reducing waste, keep maintenance simple, and lowering operating costs. The printer also has a compact footprint, making it easy to integrate into your existing workflow.

Digital Color will demonstrate how artis 3000U pro can help businesses in the personalized printing industry overcome the challenges they face.

Looking to improve your print quality, speed up your production, or reduce your operating costs? From 9 to 12 May 2023, meet us onsite in Andigráfica 2023, Pabellon / Hall 11-16, Nivel 01, Stand 907D or reach us online, we are here for you!

About Adobe MAX 2022 - The Creativity Conference

Under the umbrella of Adobe Inc., Adobe MAX is one of the world’s biggest creativity conferences. “MAX is a creative rocket ship of amazing contents, great speakers, and fun labs” (previous MAX attendee,

Starting October 18th, and after two years of attending the event online only, the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference 2022 can be attended either virtually or in person, with over 6,000 in-person attendees, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The event is the best time for Adobe to present the new developments and updates of its suite of applications (Adobe Creative Cloud) and to build a community of creative professionals.

Adobe MAX covers several industry’s topics, all set in sessions: 3D and augmented reality; Creativity and Design in Business; Drawing, Painting, and Illustration; Education; Graphic Design; Photography; Social Media and Marketing; UI and UX; Video, Audio, and Motion.

It’s the moment when Adobe’s announcements regarding new products and features are released, but it is mostly a great opportunity to make valuable connections between creatives: from marketers, artists, illustrators and graphic designers who create across multiple design disciplines including printing, to photographers, tech and business strategists, technology leads and more.

At the same time, the different hundreds of sessions, labs, workshops and networking events teach attendees new insights, tips and tricks of using Adobe suite in different creative industries.

artisJet in Adobe MAX – Fit your environment and let your ideas bloom

We are happy to announce that, this year, artisJet is sponsor of Adobe! And the ones that made this happen and we are grateful to is The Fittest, a team of professional entrepreneurs with decades of experience into helping companies and brands launching their ideas through business consulting, coaching, strategic planning and scaling up.

artisJet offers solutions with A4, B2, B3, B5 and dedicated application-oriented printers for different scenarios and environments, from home business, store business, shopping mall business, kiosk business, printing house, design studio, printing production factories, and other scenarios to be sure it fits the various printing business necessities.

Get inspired. Imagine. Make-IT

How artisJet digital inkjet printing solutions work with Adobe? Empowered by the artisJet WorkStation, artisJet printers are printing directly from any third party software, supporting all popular types of graphics including those from Adobe, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF and others on demand too.

At the Make-IT booth, you will have the chance to experience interactive direct printing from Adobe on your own! Adobe ambassadors will assist you through this fun and creative printing journey. Don’t forget to scan your badges at the artisJet booth scanner and let’s connect!


From 18th to 20 of October, find artisJet proV6 printer at the MAKE-IT booth, in the Adobe MAX Community Pavilion, Los Angeles Convention Center. Don’t miss out the inspirational ideas and printing surprises we’ve prepared for you! See you there, cannot wait to meet the best creative community!


Print Santiago promotes the development of the graphic industry in Latin America. Its 2022 edition is committed to a new way of doing business, with a hybrid and multiplatform communication format.

What will you find in Print Santiago? Machinery and equipment, substrates, supplies and services for the graphic and packaging industry, pre-print, digital printing, software, inks and consumables, design and innovation, packaging and more.

Print Santiago will exhibit the latest in printing services for various industries in a fair epicenter of 4000 square meters, in Espacio Riesco Expocenter.

It is the opportunity to bring the advances and innovations of the present time closer to the region, uniting over 15 countries from Latin America in the face of business opportunities in a post-Covid-19 environment: Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and more.

Keep Braille at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

With the recent development of touchable and raised UV LED printing, compliant Braille signage can be created with an even greater graphics appeal and in a single printing process with UV curable ink.

These UV LED printing techniques are ideally reliable for plastic substrates, metallic substrate, direct to wood printing substrates, aluminum, PVC and many more which are cost-effective, time saving and a non-proprietary solution open to UV printer users.

With artisJet LED UV Braille technology, Braille become an easier and at hand feature, creating multiple applications for customized electronics industry, restaurant menus and other reading materials, such as music scores, birthday cards and many more.

3D printing Braille characters can be applied onto consumer products, with the ultimate intent for packaging from retailers to include Braille offerings for such uses as dosage instructions on a medicine bottle, an expiration date on some sort of food packaging or anything else that could be beneficial to the visually impaired.

Benefit from the creative potential of raised printing by choosing artisJet LED UV tactile printing for indoor and even outdoor ADA Compliant Braille signage solutions and applications.

Blessit brings Braille Solutions in Print Santiago Chile

Braille printing solutions with artis 5000U UV LED printer are brought to you in Latin America by Blessit, artisJet’s partner in Chile and Argentina, a company with more than 22 years’ experience in offering comprehensive services and specific solutions for particular needs, addressing all disabilities in general.

This way, most prestigious companies in Chile, Argentina and neighbouring countries can provide products and services equally to all their clients in the market, from Braille custom printing to implementing Braille system solutions in the retail industry and helping those with impaired vision.

Where to find them? Come join Blessit and artisJet Braille solutions in PRINT Santiago Expo 2022, Stand C13, Espacio Riesco Expocenter!.

¡Nos vemos en Chile!

Start for FIGRAMPA 2022 - Leader in Latin America

FIGRAMPA – Feria Internacional de la Industria Gráfica, Multi-Medios, Publicitaria y Afines (International Fair of the Graphic, Multi-Media, Advertising and Related Industry), is a leader in Latin America, being the first and largest of its kind in Ecuador.

In its 8th edition, FIGRAMPA 2022 aims to present great business opportunities and promote a communication space where industry professionals can present their own brands and trends in the sector, while exchanging knowledge, processes, products and services through technological innovation.

It is a place where the latest trends in machinery, digital and laser printing, offset, larger format printing, flexography, screen printing, textile sublimation, 3D printing, eco-friendly solutions, packaging production are presented.

artisJet printing systems in Ecuador

The event is already rolling! Organized by AIG, FIGRAMPA is taking place at the Centro Exposiciones Quito, Ecuador, from 22 to 25th of September. You have 3 more days to join artisJet official distributor in Ecuador, Digital Color! They are waiting for its visitors with printing demo and solutions to meet all expectations: from flatbed printing on small applications (pen printing, lipstick printing, key chains…) with artisJet proV6 small printer, to large format printing and rotary customization capabilities with artis 3000U pro B3 LED UV printer.

Technology innovation doesn’t mean just hardware updates, but also printing effects and color print quality: Braille dots printing, touchable and glossy printing and much more.

Discover all in Stand No. 37, in FIGRAMPA! You will find a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who will take you through an exciting journey in digital printing and personalization solutions. What customers say about them? “Buena atencion y servicio de calidad en todos sus productos”.


Creating value with digital printing

Digital printing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the sign industry, while technology advancements and innovations in digital printing have enabled a significant improvement in print manufacturing efficiency and high print quality, as well as contributing into providing time-efficient production and optimization, waste minimization, and cost-effective solutions.

Since 2005, artisJet has been standing at users’ and partners’ side utilizing their experience working with our printing systems and solutions, simplifying the color production and having everyone to enjoy the privilege in customization. Achieving sustainability and building agile and efficient customized printing solutions is the priority, while creating value for customers and teams is the pursuit.

artisJet printing solutions in Central America

Autumn season is already announced to be a fruitful one, with artisJet digital printing systems present in multiple exhibitions simultaneously. This time, from Australia to India, and then to Europe, our printing solutions are crossing the Atlantic Ocean:

We are proud to announce that Multicopias Imprenta, artisJet distributor in Mexico, will be showcasing artisJet’s digital inkjet printers specialized for B3 and B2 size printing, artis 3000U pro and artis 5000U UV LED printers in FESPA MEXICO 2022! Discover the two production horses for both flatbed and rotary printing and learn more about the different printing effects and capabilities of these two printing systems, by visiting our partner in Booth C30 of Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City.

FESPA Mexico – Empowering the graphic industry

For 13 years, FESPA Mexico is the largest dedicated wide format exhibition in Central and North America, supporting the specialty print industry.

Focusing on sectors such as textile printing, garment decoration, 3D printing, screen printing, and signage, alongside a variety of product innovations, technology and solutions from over 150 leader brands, as well as quality educational content that will offer visitors the chance to build their businesses and add new print solutions, you have 3 days to discover the best in the industry, starting today, September 22nd.

Carried out based on the 3S - Sano, Seguro and Sustenable (Healthy, Safe and Sustainable), it’s a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with over 10,000 professionals and create new business connections and to discover a variety of product solutions and technology innovations in one place.

Remember: Multicopias Imprenta – artisJet Mexico, Stand C30, Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City.