artis 3000U pro UV LED direct printing system is a timely expectable printer; the B3 size UV LED printer is suitable for small working environments as printing digital stores, making it a VERSATILE DESKTOP PRINTER for print on demand workflows:

SIGNAGE PRODUCTION – production houses, factories, signage companies, to more;
CHAIN STORES – ideal for patch production purpose meeting user requirements to increase production efficiency;
BACK-HOUSE PRODUCTION – suitable for experienced users who want to update their technology and enhance production.

Printer type: LED UV Printer

Official release date: May 2019, FESPA Munich Germany

Printer parameters and performance: Download printer datasheet.

Supporting software: artisJet Workstation V4.0 / artisRIP v9.0 / artisJet CraftMan for rotary printing.

Operating system compatibility: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Ink specifications & colors: DTSAT3 LED UV; available on demand options with 6 Color head (CMYK +WW) / 8 Color head (CMYK+WWWW) / 8 Color head (CMYK +WW + VV).

Applications range: AD materials, signage, awards printing, small packaging, gift boxes, corporate gifts, promotional items, gadgets and smartphone accessories etc.

Business scenarios: Production houses, factories, signage companies, chain stores, back-house production.

Warranty: 2 years availability.

Certifications: CE / FCC / RoHS / REACH / HC Certified.

artisJet customer testimonial 1

The printer is good, has lots of different printing options.

AdisMedia, Australia

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artisJet customer testimonial 2

I am an artisJet customer since 2014, and I’ve been upgrade to artis 3000U pro, which is amazing because… it opens up new opportunities for larger items. I get new ideas all the time, it is endless for me. You can purchase jigs, you can print on bottles, phonecases. I have tried printing on fabric, I’ve printed pillows, some handbags, as well as printing on leather and canvas, on wood stands and leather boxes. There are so many possibilities!

Leslie, Canada

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artis 3000U pro and new technology official launch in FESPA Munich 2019, Germany with our customers from Japan

Showa Printing Co., Ltd., Japan

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1. What’s a UV printer? What industries can it apply to?

The UV printer, with full name Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer, is high technology inkjet digital printer with no plate making, applying to substrate surfaces many areas as industrial labels, glass, signs, crystal, PVC, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather.

2. Can I use the printer at home and office?

Technically, there is no requirement for a specific working environment. However, we recommend placing the printer a 9 – 12 square meter house with ventilation (doors or windows). It cannot be a completely enclosed environment. The office is also an ideal environment. In fact, we have conducted an odor test with the British RISC Organization.

3. Is it easy to operate?

The system is as simple as an office printer. And it is working with the RIP software which is easy to work with, much easier than the Adobe software, and you can set the colors, speed, and the printing size.

4. Is the machine safe?

We care a lot about your safety. It is absolutely safe and friendly to work with, for business runners of all ages.
The BUILT-IN UV LED PRINTING SYSTEM - This is to avoid any possible hurt from the physical movement of the printing table.
The BUILT-IN UV LIQUID COOLING SYSTEM - Designed for safety and simplicity, artisJet Safe Water Cooling Control System uses a digital built-in liquid chilling system to avoid the burn out of the UV LEDs and also lowering the running cost.
The BUILT-IN APS - the air purification system will clean the air around the printer internally.

5. Is the ink safe?

It creates no harmful chemicals or VOCs. The ink is RoHs, REACH, DGM certified etc.

6. Why this printer can print onto all different materials?

Because UV ink is used, one of the characteristics of UV ink is to support a variety of different materials and is compatible with it.

7. What color materials can I print?

Our UV printer can accept any color material print, there is no limit for color.

8. Can you provide real samples and machine printing demonstration?

Please contact artisJet office or local distributors for free samples and printer demo.

9. Can the printer and consumables be purchased locally?

Yes. You can buy either from artisJet directly or from local distributors. The commodities can be dispatched from logistic centers different areas:
EU area: distributed from 12 warehouses Germany, Spain, Holland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and other countries.
North America: distributed from 3 warehouses US and Mexico.
Asia: distributed from 5 warehouses China and Singapore.
South America: distributed from 4 warehouses Ecuador and Chile.

10. What is the payment method, can you pay on delivery? What about local currency?

Euro, US dollars and RMB payment are all acceptable. Payment prepaid. For local currency, please contact artisJet local distributor.

11. Is the package secure enough? What transportation options are available?

artisJet will keep records videos and pictures of all packaging details (outside and internal) to secure its package standardization. Moreover, only trustworthy logistics partners as FedEx, DHL and TNT work for us to secure the transport. You can arrange the transportation your own ways.

artisJet customer testimonial 1

Printer preparation for shipping

artisJet customer testimonial 2

Securing printer with all included documents

artisJet customer testimonial 3

Final printer packaging preparation for safety transportation

12. When will artisJet ship the printer? How long does it take to arrive?

It usually takes 3-10 days to ship the machine and additional 3-7 days for FedEx / DHL to delivery.

1. How about the printing quality?

The printing quality shows the quality of the real photo.

2. What is the printing speed?

For example, it takes about 8 minutes to print 12 iPhone 8 Plus phone cases.

3. What’s the printing size?

The printing size is 360 x 600 mm (14.17 x 23.62 inches)

4. What’s the printing height?

The printing height is up to 17cm.

5. How long it will last after printing? What are the consumables?

The printed product can last up to 10 years or even a lifetime, depending on how often the printed object is being used and also under which conditions is being used (e.g. outdoors, direct sunlight or rain, humid conditions, continuous daily use of the item etc.).
The common consumables are from ink system including ink damper, wiper, and cap top etc.

6. Please provide more information on “One Click Full Automatic Height measurement”.

This function can be explained as follows: The correct/proper distance between the surfaces of the highest point of the material to the printer head surface will be measured automatically.

7. Is it possible to print on non-flat (relief) surfaces? What is limitation mm?

The printer can print on non-flat / uneven materials and an optimal limit of:
The distance between the highest point and the lowest point should be within 2-3mm. And we can do more if we adjust the shooting power to be more.

8. Can artis 3000U pro direct print Braille and varnish?

Yes. artis 3000U pro is designed for printing varnish as well as ADA Braille with special one-click technology in one pass.

9. What’s the advantage of ADA Braille printing?

✔ Fast production speed: 9 minutes / A4 size;
✔ High standard ADA at 0.8 cm / 0.3”;
✔ Dot base diameter 1.5 mm (0.059”) to 1.6 mm (0.063”);
✔ Dot height 0.7 mm;
✔ Wear-resistant, perfect rounded dome, tactile smooth;
✔ Easy to operate one pass printing.
✔ Consistent height & precise alignment to perfectly formed Braille dot and Braille cell by one pass print.
✔ Braille printing even on cylindrical rotary items.
✔ ACS Comand System for multiple copies printing selection in one click, without the need to go through all the previous settings.

10. What is the Braille standard?

artisJet Braille printing process meets the most recent U.S.A. federal standards for Braille signage - the American Disabled Association Standard for Braille signs (ADA Compliant), whereas tactile characters must be accompanied by Grade 2 Braille (English Braille). ADA sign requirements apply to permanent signage in public buildings, with the purpose of identifying permanent rooms and spaces, to provide direction to or information about interior spaces. Of course, we can also achieve different Braille spot heights to meet the Braille sign requirements of different countries. Braille raised characters vary based on a sign’s purpose, and artisJet patented UV Braille is the tool to ease the signage printing process for any kind of Braille dots sign.

artisJet customer testimonial 1

Braille dome height

artisJet customer testimonial 2

Custom Braille Signage printing

artisJet customer testimonial 3

Braille & Rotary simultaneous printing on cylindrical item

11. What are the advantages of varnish printing?

✔ Faster and more flexible color output
✔ Create more stunning products with clear ink
✔ High quality print for more valuable products
✔ Realize the partial print of the image on demand with clear varnish ink.
✔ Wide range of printing effects, such as spot gloss, matte varnish, 3D relief with raised varnish, subtle relief, strong printed textures
✔ Scratch-resistant prints even for outdoor items, such as signage printing and door signs.
✔ Varnish density – custom 30 – 50 %
✔ Uni-directional print speed
Discover more about Varnish Printing

12. Can 3000U pro print rotary? Can it seamlessly connect the print 360 degrees?

Yes. 3000Upro is equipped with a special rotary jig and special 360 degrees seamless printing technology. Watch the video for rotary printing with artis 3000U pro:

13. What are the advantages of rotary and bottle printing?

✔ 22.5 cm (8.85”) max bottle diameter
✔ Effective printing on a wide range of materials & products
✔ Accurate & vivid prints with ROT 360 attachment
✔ Empowered by artisRIP V9.0 Software and artisJet Craftsman
✔ Full 360 degrees spin & seamlessly jointed prints on cylinders
✔ Full size artwork printing and perfectly blended prints.
✔ User-friendly operation and Eco-Green (lowest power consumption to 30W)
Discover more about Rotary Printing

14. It can be used to personalize mass print?

The biggest feature of artis 3000U pro UV machine is that it can be used for individual customized prints but it can also be used to personalized batch printing through artisJet fixtures / printing jigs.

15. How to switch the machine ON / OFF?

The power button is on the left side of the machine. Press the button to turn ON / OFF the machine.

16. Does the machine need to be connected to the computer?

Yes, it need to connect by USB data line.

17. Why does the machine screen display “Initializing” after pressing the power button?

“Initializing” will be displayed during the self-test process. When the self-test process is finished (1 minute), the screen will display “printer ready”.
If the device doesn’t boot properly, the control panel screen will display “error” or without the display of “print ready”. Then please connect to the after-sale staff.

18. What CLEAN button function does?

CLEAN function is for print head cleaning, mostly used when there is white ink sediment or color ink not shining enough. Daily cleaning is required before the printer is power off.

19. What is the red liquids and the tube connected to the UV lamp?

It is the UV cooling liquids, always recycling to cool down the UV lamp to avoid its overheating during the printing process.

20. How to check the UV cooling liquids level?

The user can inspect the UV cooling liquids level from the watch window at the left of the printer.

21. When and how to refill the UV cooling liquid?

Refill the cooling liquids when the cooling level is 1/3 or lower the cooling bottle.

1. What systems are compatible with the software?

The software is compatible with Windows system.

2. Can your software handle different Braille standard?

The global standard for Braille is ADA and CA12 or CA24, but this can vary from different countries or locations. In fact, the actual differences are mainly the heights of the characters / letters and the dome shape of the dots (ranging from 5/8” minimum to 2” maximum).
The standard “Braille” option artisJet workflow software is up to the highest level to 2”. The value is adjustable from the software.

3. What is the function of blue dongle key?

The blue dongle key is licensed tool to run artisRIP without which no printing task is created. Please keep it safe and do not lose it.

4. There is no task progress bar after sending printing task artisRIP 9.0. Why?

The dongle key is not plugged properly. Click on the printer icon from the design software (RIP V9), with watermark displayed on the upper right side, exit the software through the EXIT option under the computer file (File / Exit), and then correctly re-plug the dongle.

5. Why does the icon the upper right corner of Workstation show “connect failed”?

Unplug and re-plug the USB cable from PC/Printer or the USB hub.

1. Does it support bidirectional printing?

Yes, it can support one-way and two-way printing. Bidirectional printing time is half of the unidirectional time.

2. Does it support simultaneous printing with white color?

Can support single white single color, can also support white color printing at the same time.

3. Do I need special image processing capabilities? What image processing software can be used?

In general, simple image processing can be used for printing. You can use different softwares for drawing, such as PhotoShop, CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator.

4. How to determine the printing area?

The bundled software for this printer comes together with different layouts or templates for different products on demand.
Example, if you need to print on iPhone 11 phone case, you will need to open the iPhone 11 template, import the picture, and click to print.

5. When can the sample product be used after printing?

Instantly after it’s printed because the inks, upon UV light, soon get curing and dry on product surface.

6. What should I do if a “Table Out” displays on the workstation after I click “Print” and won’t start print?

This means the printer’s flatbed platform did not return to its original position.
Press “Enter” button from the control panel so the flatbed can do automatic adjustment and returns to home position ready for printing.

7. What should I do if the printing effect is not good after the holidays or after the machine has not been used for a period of time?

This happens due to ink sedimentation after long time of printer not running.
Unplug the white ink cartridge and shake it for 15 seconds, then performs 5-7 cleaning, and then print the product to check whether the white and color brightness are back to normal. If you are not satisfied with the brightness, repeat the cleaning process up to 7 times, until you are happy with the print results.

8. Do I need an internet connection order to print?

No network required for printing.

9. Will the inks fall off after printing?

The printing effect will not fall off. The UV inks are highly adhesive to the substrates.

1. What type of Ink does the printer use? Do you supply the ink? Can I buy inks from a third party?

The UV ink is DTSAT3 CMYKWWWW. The 6 ink colors and type of ink are certified by RoHS, REACH, FCC etc.
artisJet supplies inks, but third-party ink can also be compatible with the printer at users’ convenience. Please check the compatibility first to avoid any damage to the printer.

2. Does ink has a soft and hard distinction?

Yes, for leather and some soft materials can be printed flexible ink. Other materials can be printed by hard ink.

3. How to check the ink level?

For every 5 days the ink cartridges shall be unplugged to inspect the ink level and shake. If inks are not enough, refilling is required to ensure sufficient inks the cartridges.

4. How to refill the ink cartridges? How much ink shall be filled?

Use syringe to refill the inks for 120ML (the full is 150ML).
P.S.artisJet develops the latest ink bag technology, so the user doesn’t have to refill inks. Optional feature upon request.

5. Is the syringe recycled for next use?

The syringe can be used next time after it’s cleaned well with clean water.

6. After how much time shall the ink cartridges be replace with a new one?

90 days are suggested.

7. How should the waste ink the waste ink bottle be processed?

Check waste ink level every day and empty it when it’s 1/2 full or more.

8. What is the usage of cleaning liquid sent with the ink?

Clean liquid is for special cleaning purposes. When the machine gets stained with ink, it can be easily cleaned with this cleaning solution.

1. How do you provide after-sales service? Can you provide on-site service?

For common troubleshooting, artisJet engineer team will assist you online. For on-site training and special requirements, artisJet can arrange professional engineers to provide on-site services according to customer’s needs.

2. Is it necessary to print every day to keep ink system running smoothly?

No. On the condition of good nozzle check and correct turning off, the printer can stay idle mode for 30 days. The user can run the printer by cleaning only to get back to good printing.

3. What is the warranty for 3000U pro?

artis 3000U pro enjoys two-years limited warranty. Within 2 years, artisJet provides quick and free spare parts upon confirmation of problems on mechanical and electronic parts by our artisJet engineers.

1. What is the price of artis 3000U pro LED UV printer?

There are two versions:
The first version without varnish option, official cost 13,500 USD.
The second version with varnish option, official cost 14,500 USD.

2. How much does it cost to print a product with artis 3000U pro LED UV printer?

For example, printing 1000 golf balls would cost $1.40, depending on the complexity of the artwork.

The NEW artisJet Young A4 UV LED direct printing system is a printing system which perfectly fits both the serious business runners and start-up businesses, especially for those who understand the value of the Young:

CREATIVES – those who are in love with designing and desire to materialize their unique designs into real products;
ONLINE STORES – those who are running an online store or physical stores and would like to provide customized products to their fans and loyal customers;
HOME-BASED BUSINESSES – those who are planning to run a business providing unique products from the comfort of their home as a part-time occupation and revenue.

Printer type: LED UV Printer

Official release date: 1 June 2020

Printer parameters and performance: Download printer datasheet.

Supporting software: artisJet Workstation V4.0 / artisRIP v9.0

Operating system compatibility: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10.

Ink specifications & colors: DTSAT3 LED UV; available on demand options with 8 Color head CMYK+WWWW or 8 Color head CMYK +WW + VV.

Applications range: from product decoration & brand promotional products (golf accessories such as golf balls, golf tees, golf markers etc., pen printing) to specialty graphics: cosmetics, luggage travel tags, cards, smartphone & mobile accessories, small boxes and packaging…

Business scenarios: Home based printing businesses, in-store printing for customers, shopping mall gift kiosks setup, online personalization business, promotional and corporate gifts printing, golf accessories printing production etc.

Warranty: 2 years availability.

Certifications: CE / FCC / RoHS / REACH / HC / RISC Certified.

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1. What can I print with artisJet Young printer?

You can print on almost all kinds of products and materials. Here are the most common products printed in the market:

artisJet customer testimonial 1

Make up & Cosmetics

Materials: plastic to more

artisJet customer testimonial 2

Golf Balls Printing

Materials: urethane (artificial rubber)

artisJet customer testimonial 3

Small Signage Printing

Materials: aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

artisJet customer testimonial 1

Custom Photo Blocks

Materials: acrylic, wood, plastic etc.

artisJet customer testimonial 2

USB Data Sticks

Materials: metal to more

artisJet customer testimonial 3

Smartphone Accessories

Materials: silicone, plastic etc.

2. Where can I use the printer?

artisJet Young is ideal for stores, home business, shopping mall, kiosks, offices, and any other working environment for creatives.

3. How do you deliver the printer?

artisJet Young printer is normally shipped by reliable express partners DHL and FedEX, with door-to-door service. We are open to your trusted delivery companies too.

1. How safe it is to work with the UV printer?

We care a lot about your safety. It is absolutely safe and friendly to work with, for business runners of all ages.
The built-in printing platform - This is to avoid any possible hurt from the physical movement of the printing table.
The STOP-IF-OPEN function - The printer will never work if you keep the printer lid open.
The air purification (Built-in CLEAN-GO) system - The system will clean the air around the printer internally.

2. How hard is to work with artisJet Young UV LED printer?

artisJet Young printer is easy to work with same as an office desktop printer, the only difference being in the operation settings: the user will need to position the product on the printer’s table, which is not done in the same way as in the case of an office paper printing. For new users it is highly recommended (even mandatory) to carefully consult the printer’s user manual and any other materials that come with the printer model. Your skills on photo editing or designing software will be a great plus to ease the printing preparation. If you do not find the information you need, do not hesitate to contact artisJet Team. We are here to support you and your work.

3. How fast can I print with artisJet Young printer?

The print process can be completed in no time, depending on the complexity of the artwork. For example, it will take 2 minutes to print an iPhone 11 protective phone case.

4. How long the colors can last after printing?

The printed colors will last 2 – 5 years, depending on different conditions and materials type. The colors can start to fade gradually, due to over-use or weather conditions (direct and continuous exposure to sunlight).

5. How can I learn to print?

You can get self-educated from the user manuals and training videos offered by artisJet. Service team will go through with you on all the printing steps from start to finish, via online video call, chat, Skype and any other available resource to help you achieve the printing knowledge with our printers. The appointed technician will be in your office on your demand for on-site training as well, when the printer is being installed.

6. Which are the consumables?

The main consumables of the printer are: Ink cartridges with 150 ml volume each; Maintenance Kit.

1. What software or device is needed for this printer?

artisJet Young comes with the photo editing software Affinity Publisher and artisRIP software for inkjet settings on demand. The system is working with Windows OS and you will need a PC or laptop. The recommended standards are: Intel® 2GHz Pentium® 4 processor, or AMD Athlon® with 64bit support; 4GB minimum RAM memory (16GB recommended); 256GB minimum hard disk (512GB recommended).

1. What kind of maintenance do I need to execute? And how often?

On a daily basis, click the CLEAN button from the printer’s Control Panel before you turn off the printer. On a weekly basis, the cap top, wiper and head surface need to be cleaned, the whole process can be done in 2 minutes. Usually, the dampers have a 6 months durability, so it requires replacement every half year.

2. For how long can I leave the printer in IDLE mode before it will create a problem?

artisJet Young printer can be left in IDLE mode up to 6 to 7 weeks.

1. From where can I get the inks and parts?

The ink and parts are available from the authorized reseller in your local market and also can be supplied directly from stock in Beijing by DHL or FedEX. It will reach in 3 to 5 working days (for most cities in the world).

2. The ink is safe to work with?

DTSAT3 UV LED ink for artisJet Young printer is a safe and green ink, certified with RoHS, REACH, RISC and FCC.

1. What is the warranty and the guarantee?

artisJet guarantees exchange or return in the event that the artisJet Young printer you have purchases has DoA status (Dead on Arrival). This grants you the right to receive a working replacement printer within 10 working days. Product is covered under 2 years Standard Warranty from the date of product’s purchase by the customer. You will be enjoying free support, updated maintenance and troubleshooting during this period, if any.

1. What is the H.S. CODE of this printer?

The H.S. Code is 8443.3213.00.

2. How much is the printer?

The printer cost ranges from 7500 – 9500 USD, depending on the vendor where you are buying from.

3. How much is the printing cost?

The printing cost is measured by each different products:
Golf Balls printing cost– 24 pcs / 2 minutes / pass; 0.002$ / golf ball;
Phone Cases printing cost – 3 to 4 iPhone6 cases / 3 minutes / pass; 0.016$ / iPhone6 case;
USB Data Sticks printing cost – 0.002$ / small metallic USB disk.

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