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Print Santiago promotes the development of the graphic industry in Latin America. Its 2022 edition is committed to a new way of doing business, with a hybrid and multiplatform communication format.

What will you find in Print Santiago? Machinery and equipment, substrates, supplies and services for the graphic and packaging industry, pre-print, digital printing, software, inks and consumables, design and innovation, packaging and more.

Print Santiago will exhibit the latest in printing services for various industries in a fair epicenter of 4000 square meters, in Espacio Riesco Expocenter.

It is the opportunity to bring the advances and innovations of the present time closer to the region, uniting over 15 countries from Latin America in the face of business opportunities in a post-Covid-19 environment: Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and more.

Keep Braille at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

With the recent development of touchable and raised UV LED printing, compliant Braille signage can be created with an even greater graphics appeal and in a single printing process with UV curable ink.

These UV LED printing techniques are ideally reliable for plastic substrates, metallic substrate, direct to wood printing substrates, aluminum, PVC and many more which are cost-effective, time saving and a non-proprietary solution open to UV printer users.

With artisJet LED UV Braille technology, Braille become an easier and at hand feature, creating multiple applications for customized electronics industry, restaurant menus and other reading materials, such as music scores, birthday cards and many more.

3D printing Braille characters can be applied onto consumer products, with the ultimate intent for packaging from retailers to include Braille offerings for such uses as dosage instructions on a medicine bottle, an expiration date on some sort of food packaging or anything else that could be beneficial to the visually impaired.

Benefit from the creative potential of raised printing by choosing artisJet LED UV tactile printing for indoor and even outdoor ADA Compliant Braille signage solutions and applications.

Blessit brings Braille Solutions in Print Santiago Chile

Braille printing solutions with artis 5000U UV LED printer are brought to you in Latin America by Blessit, artisJet’s partner in Chile and Argentina, a company with more than 22 years’ experience in offering comprehensive services and specific solutions for particular needs, addressing all disabilities in general.

This way, most prestigious companies in Chile, Argentina and neighbouring countries can provide products and services equally to all their clients in the market, from Braille custom printing to implementing Braille system solutions in the retail industry and helping those with impaired vision.

Where to find them? Come join Blessit and artisJet Braille solutions in PRINT Santiago Expo 2022, Stand C13, Espacio Riesco Expocenter!.

¡Nos vemos en Chile!