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Find out which printer is the best for your specific industry, printable products, environments, and business growth plan. To be empowered by artisJet printers to materialize your ideas, to enhance your production efficiency and add more value to your brands anywhere, anytime with more ease.



What is the exact product or objects you want to print? Are they printable? How about the printing quality?

1. The product size and printable size you will print MOST.

You will have specific products to print, probably several different products to print in your mind. But their sizes of the products matter a lot. While measuring the size of your products you will need to keep in mind to measure:

Product Height: the highest point to the lowest point;

Product Length and width: From Edge to edge;

Curved print: The highest and lowest point distance should be within 5mm on the surface to print. Otherwise, you might need attachment example, like the case of 360 degrees rotary printing on cylindrical objects - check video here.

product height
product width and length
product curved print surface

You can find A4, B3, B2, B5 application-oriented printers.

2. How your product buyers will use the printed product?

The consideration of how the product will perform and how the expectation of your customers is are important to secure your business success. The products will be used as EDC (Essential Daily Carry-On) or it will be displayed as a part of the decoration or outdoor signs? Because you will need different solutions for different conditions for color sharpness performances, color durability performances, and printing effects.


Where you will work with your printer for production? Where will you use it mostly: in your production house, pop-up store, mall kiosk, production center or at home? You will need to consider about:

1. Your space size and the cost.

Your home room might be not big enough for printer with a size more than 90CM in body size as your door does not allow or even the elevator does not allow the entrance. The cost of same size space in Macy’s and a factory is completely different.

elevator door size for printer transportation
transporting printer in the back of the car
business door size for printer

2. Safety and security essentials in your environment.

Malls have strict safety regulations for their consumers/shoppers in terms of physical hurt, smell pollution, and operator’s safety. While at home room or office room, you will also care about the smell and being clean. However if in factory or production house, you might have the whole ventilation system installed already which enables you not have to worry about the smell.

3. The mobility and flexibility.

Will you run the business in different locations or movable devices? Then you will have to take the printer foot print size into the consideration.


Are you looking for a printer for short time run or for long time operation? To which level of maintenance work you can understand and accept to execute? There some budget printers needing more care with technical background and they are printers designed with simplicity in mind with less work yet for long run. Are you looking for a printer with a set of software that needs different steps of operation in order to print the task? Or you must have the software integrated with the software you are working with currently or the workflow you are having? Watch the video and learn what to look for when searching for the right printer!


You are investing in a device for success and a printer will need to have an owner to work with. So the qualification of your operator is an important factor determining the degree of your success. Is the operator you are appointing to the printer with computer background, photo editing skills, and printing experience? Do you need him or her be equipped with the above quality?


Is the product in dark color or light colors? You will need to print a white layer onto the materials in dark colors as background. artisJet ECO-DYE solvent system does not provide white ink and the UV printers will be your choice if you need white. Do you want embossed or varnish printing effects? Embossed is technically printed from multiple-layering white ink printing.

embossed art printing
embossed printing on make-up palette
embossed printing on wood

Which printers are good for embossed? artis 3000U pro, artis 5000U, and artisJet Young with CMYKWWWW printing channels. Varnish is famous for its color enhancement with shinning results or unique application for special materials. artis 3000U Pro and artis 5000U LED UV printers support varnish.

Reach out to us today for your own tailored custom print solution or instant personalization print solutions, for your brand, your event, your product and your store. Follow the 4 steps here to better understand how can artisJet assist you with your specific business needs: 1. Reach out and rise your printing demands / business demands; 2. artisJet provides you with printing solutions and printer selection based on your needs; 3. artisJet provides sample printing according to your products; 4. Evaluate the printing solution. Evaluate samples effect and quality. Evaluate artisJet printer and price. We are here for you via Live Chat, by e-mail, by phone and direct messaging.