Printing becomes an enjoyment with artisJet’s printer

Catching Rainbows | Hungary



We need to print customized phone cases. We have purchased our first UV printer from a different company back in January. The printer was a little bit of a nightmare, we kept receiving orders and it became almost impossible to print good quality cases with it and deliver orders on time. So after much thinking we have decided to go for the best possible printer in the market and we’ve chosen the artis 3000U printer. To be honest it was a little bit a life saver.


We chose the best model, the artis 3000U. We truly love it! Maintenance and operation of the printer is very easy. It is also a really quick printer and the printing quality is very impressive, we barely have any issues with it. It’s so lovely to work with a machine you know you can rely on, you just turn it on and it works well, you don’t really have to worry about anything. I personally love using it, so I try to steal the work from my colleagues whenever I can :)


We are still pretty new in the printing industry (1,5 years old) and the artis 3000U is definitely a nice addition. We use it exclusively for printing transparent phone cases and it has definitely increased our sales. We are re-launching our website this month and hopefully our stunning UV printed cases will attract even more customers :)