Colorful and productive printer

Laszlo Gyuris | Hungary



Since 2010, we have been using a pad printer and a laser engraver machine in order to make customized promotional items and gifts. But the pad printer had only two colors. In 2015, to fulfill our customers’ requirements on colorful designs, we started looking for a digital printer and we found artisJet LED UV printers that could print any colors and any pictures on various materials. It was exactly what we were looking for.


We chose artis 1800U LED UV printer. The machine works perfect, we tested it on several printing items and widely expand our business. It can print dozens per time, it’s very productive. The LED UV printer can print multiple colors, while our pad printer could print only two colors.


The artis 1800U printer expand our business by giving the possibility to print on many different items. The colorful printing can meet more customers’ demand, while the embossed printing is unique than any other printer.