Souvenirs printing in Aruba

Steve Lemieux Boutin & Louise St. Paul | Aruba



For many years, I transferred images onto wood to create souvenirs. It was very time consuming and the profit was not too good. I was looking for a way to increase my profit, productivity and quality of the product. When I found artisJet online, I contacted them. Mrs. Elaine was very attentive to my needs and put me in contact with some of their customers in the U.S.A and England. They both highly recommended artisJet printers.


The artisJet printer I chose at that time was the LED UV artis BR 1800U. I was incredibly impressed by the speed and the quality of the print. As long as you follow the manufacturer instructions, this printer works wonderfully and becomes easy to maintain. The customer service is good as well.


After almost three years of use, my business has evolved from souvenir retail to souvenir wholesale due to the printer’s capability and speed. I will soon need a second printer as the demand for my products is growing.