Promotional branding printing


Nelly is one of our customers in Kenya, running her own product customization business, MonarQ Branding, a company providing numerous personalization branding services, such as screen printing and embroidery, uniform supply and custom clothing, as well as promotional products. In the Spring of 2020, Nelly has reached artisJet for UV LED printing technology details and support, as they wanted to expand their business by printing brand logos on different other products with UV LED technology: pen printing, canvas, cards, phone cases, wood products, and also bottles.

Economy in the country was not very good at the time due to Covid-19 pandemic, so Nelly was not quite sure of doing an investment with a larger printer, the artis 5000U B2 LED UV printer from artisJet.


When the situation permitted, Nelly came back to us. Keeping in mind the wide range of products to be printed, bottle printing needs, as well as printing size and budget availability, Nelly was recommended the artis 3000U pro B3 LED UV printer. Add to this, a selection of fixtures were added to the package solution, as there were multiple products, especially the ones in small size, which have to be printed in batches: pens jig, cards jig, golf balls jig, 360 degrees rotary jig for bottles, and other cylindrical-shaped items etc..

Nelly has been very satisfied with the features of the artis 3000U pro printer and placed her first order. One thing is a little bit funny that, upon arrival, while taking the printer out of the box, they’ve wrongly lifted the printer by the printing table directly and unfortunately broke the machine’s structure. This was immediately managed and, under online technical support with artisJet, Nelly’s engineer succeeded to repair the machine. Also, the original printer’s lid was damaged and this had to be replaced by ordering a new lid which arrived broken too, because of the way the shipping company operators managed the package upon transportation. To avoid this from happening ever again, artisJet chose the services of a different international shipping company, and sent them a free lid to replace the damaged one. After all these, Nelly and her team were happy with the service.


After the machine was fully operational, they quickly finished their first order of 1000 pieces of ball pens and shared photos with us and sharing thanks on Facebook. They are enjoying printing 3D embossed effect on pens. “Thank you for your service and support!” Nelly said.

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