Rotary custom printing on small plastic cosmetics bottles


PEP Cosmetics, brand and trademark owned by Rion, LLC, is a “technology-based beauty boutique” with a regenerative skincare line. “We produce in small batches and want to customize the label for each batch of 50 -150 units with full printing on front and back. We want the flexibility of having the printer ourselves, so we can alter the information quickly. Do you sell a printer that will fully print on packaging this size or would we have to send the bottles out?” Lindsey Rislow, Rion representative, shared with artisJet Sales in January 2021.

As the company’s rotary printer needs implied printing on very small skincare bottles, of one inch to 1.25 inch diameter, it was a beautiful challenge for artisJet too. How come? Updating our own rotary technology to fit the customer’s product needs to ensure a perfect fit and high-standard quality operation: artisJet created the first rotary for very small bottle printing.


As the natural process of doing extensive research when business owners look for solutions to fit their needs and budget as well, Lindsey has been in contact with other suppliers too, and mentioned that among those she reached, artisJet seemed a little bit pricey. What made them choose artisJet? Understanding the artisJet own LED UV technology and advantages with artis 3000U pro B3 LED UV printer, such as printing speed, Lindsey sent their own samples for test printing on various product sizes.

Once they’ve received the printed samples, “Everyone loved the samples and we want to move with the purchase”. For them to be sure they’ve made the right decision, artisJet team shared other customer testimonial with Lindsey, and put them in contact, to help them find out how other artisJet users are doing their business and how they operate with artisJet UV LED printers, if they are happy with their printers.

At artisJet, we believe that information is power, and we need to build communities, by making valuable connections. This is why we encourage everyone to reach us and ask about local customers near them, in the United States or any country, to find about their printing experience and see the printers in action and printing quality as well.


By the end of February 2021, their order for artis 3000U pro printer and rotary jig solution was completed. While in use, Lindsey was very satisfied with both service, printer and software, keeping us updated about their plastic cosmetics bottle printing, bottle caps printing, even cosmetics lids printing for PEP Cosmetics: “We are really enjoying the printer. Everything is working well.”; “We are very happy with the print quality. I have been doing the maintenance as specified.”

“I am really happy with the printer; it works great on our plastic cosmetics bottles. The print is high quality and the software is easy to use. We are working on new packaging, good to know we have options for glass.” New order has been placed recently for inks, to ensure updated ink stocks, especially with black LED UV ink: “We still have some, but I want to make sure we have extra black especially”.

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