Gateway disc golf

For those who are not familiar to disc golf sports, learn that this is a really popular sport, also called Frisbee golf, or even frolf, and is a type of flying disc game. Disc golf is much played as regular golf, but instead of golf balls and golf clubs the players use a flying disc. This sport became formalized since 1970s.


Gateway Disc Sports is a company founded in 1994 by David McCormack, who is an original golf disc industrialist and was an early entry in the manufacturing game, led by his passion to make this sport known to everyone. Just recently, David has been inducted into the 2021 Disc Golf Hall of Fame! Congratulations from artisJet team!

Over the past 25 years, Gateway has built over 90 championship caliber courses, supported thousands of tournaments, charity events, players and school clubs. During the pandemic, the disc golf increased in its popularity. It seems like a promising application. Compared to the traditional way of disc golf printing, the LED UV printing technology makes the finishing easy and quick, and disc golf brands can benefit from high resolution prints.

This is the case of David, who has shown interest in LED UV technology for their disc golf business, interested in new technologies to apply and use for the best products. David inquired for more information regarding artisJet LED UV printers, such as price, warranty, after sales service. artisJet Young printer was the first solution proposal, but David mentioned they are also interested in printing on T-shirts, not just disc golfs.


After confirming the artis 5000U LED UV printer is the model best suitable for his printing needs, due to the new LED UV ink with better performance of waterproof and with fabric testing results, David placed an order for artis 5000U.


The LED UV technology with artis 5000U printer now allowed full color printing on disc golfs. All the other steps are good, shipping, machine installation, user training and all in all service. Recently, Gateway Disc Sports started their disc golf custom printing business and shared some photos, saying “We are satisfied with the printing quality”.

disc golf printing with 5000U