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“There is no greater pleasure in the design world than witnessing your creations being enjoyed by your family and friends” – Andrew and Michelle.

Andrew’s story illustrates how artisJet digital inkjet printer could boost production and efficiency for his signage shop.


“My wife and I have a small business in San Francisco specializing in custom displays and signage. We sometimes make keepsake party favors and themed decorations for special events like birthdays and weddings”.

”The materials we usually work with are wood and acrylic. We have a laser engraver / cutter and CNC machine for fabricating custom designs and shapes”.

To streamline their workflow, Andrew is looking to upgrade their hitherto method of applying graphics onto signs and plaques. “Having a UV printer would greatly enhance and speed up our production process instead of hand painting and spray painting. We might be looking to print on cylinder-shaped products in the future”.


They were interested in the artisJet Young A4 UV LED printer at first for its small size, but eventually decided to go with artis 3000U pro, which offers more functions related to their customization requirements, including rotary printing.

After several months of intensive usage, Andrew was pleased with the UV LED printing system: “The printer has performed flawlessly so far”.

However, he did raise a common question about the white ink: “I am now experiencing a slight loss in white color. I have not printed enough products to use up all the white ink, but it appears the white colors are not as bright as they used to be. Is there a special setting I need to do so I can get the bright white back?”

Why the white ink was not giving the bright color results anymore? The standard saturation of white ink may be thinned out after and idle period (some longer time frame of not using the printer, or a specific color), because the chemical elements making up the white color tend to settle as sediments due to their heavier mass. It’s a challenge that the printing industry has been grappling with forever.

So, how can white ink issue could be solved? artisJet printers offer simple ways to restore the right density of the white ink, such as the PUMP function from printer screen (control panel), ink charging for maintenance from artisJet Workstation, and head cleaning.


All samples herein were produced by Andrew with artis 3000U pro B3 UV LED printer. In the e-mail direct communication with May Liu, team lead of artisJet Overseas Department, Andrew said: “I apologize for the long delay in responding to you. We’ve been super busy with new projects and have had a chance to use the printer many times! Attached are few photos of what we’ve done. Thanks so much”. The samples below also illustrate different printing effects used to create the acrylic and wooden tabletop signage samples for event decorations (wedding events or birthday celebrations): text in 3D embossed raised effect, as well as matte varnish printing. Discover more of their creativity here.


Would you like to know if digital inkjet printing solutions can be the right decision to complement your creative signage business? Reach our professionals and let’s schedule a meet up, we would love to hearing from you.

elegant wedding guest tabletop signage
color printing tabletop wood signage
custom event acrylic sign with embossed text printing
3D embossed text printing on acrylic signage
matte varnish color print effect
wedding tabletop wood signs
party menu bar acrylic signage
birthday party tabletop acrylic sign