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Sustainable inks

artisJet ink cartridges are developed keeping in mind the color performance, the ink durability, the ink sustainability, the color resistance and environment friendly features. Behind each artisInk ink cartridges, there are hundreds of testing hours and testing steps and years of engineering and technology, to secure the best success of your printing on each single job with amazing performance.

Ink to fit all needs

A RoHS, REACH, RISC, and RCM certified ink, artisInk passed the international ink testing standards, with different inks for different needs: water proof ink, universal inks highly compatible with different materials, flexible ink for soft leather substrates, enabling the usage on thinner and heat-sensitive substrates as well, without any damage.

Safe and certified ink

Wondering how bad are the smell and fumes from the ink? artisJet LED UV inks are almost odorless, and the machine doesn’t have to be in a separated room with special ventilation and exhaust. Most artisJet end users and customers have their businesses running in crowded places such as shopping malls, small offices, even in home businesses.

RoHS compliant ink
Reach compliant ink
RISC certified ink
RCM certification for ink

artisJet’s DTSAT3 LED UV ink is not toxic, is harmless to the environment. It will not hurt your hands, only make them dirty, if you want to touch the ink. Due to its eco-friendly characteristic, is highly advantageous to print using LED UV inks.

Matching the requirements in professional fields

In addition to environment safety, make note it is perfect for kid-friendly items such as toys and play around applications (wood bricks, plastic or wooden jigsaw puzzles, Lego bricks and pieces, Jenga blocks, game controllers, Rubik cubes, ping pong balls and paddles, custom ABC photo building blocks etc.).

Nevertheless, the beauty industry, the skincare and cosmetics brands are widely using artisJet solutions to offer personalized solutions to their customers, by direct printing in-store on the preferred items: lipstick printing, customized face cream jars, and fun prints on lip-gloss, emoji printing on mascara and powder cases. The options are endless, the ink is eco-friendly, while customers enjoy their products.

custom cosmetics printing
lego bricks puzzle printing
custom beauty products

Some ink features and advantages?

Take into consideration that LED UV curable inks offer significant advantages:

  • ✓ Compatible to wide range of print materials covering acrylic, wood, plastic, metal, aluminum, leather and many more;
  • ✓ Excellent ink stability with low-solvent ingredients, designed to coordinate perfectly with the print head;
  • ✓ Absence of VOC (volatile organic compounds), safe for all usage and harmless to humans;
  • ✓ Smooth and sharp color quality for Photo-realistic images, high precision printing and varied printing effects, including Braille and 3D effect;
  • ✓ Fast cure, high color density, superior scratch resistance, and low energy requirement;
  • ✓ Contributes in reducing the print head nozzle blocking which leads to significantly low rate of nozzle failure;
  • ✓ The inks are in cartridges greatly reducing the sediments while extending the ink life;
  • ✓ 100% use of ink, easy check of the ink supply levels to determine ink estimates.

artisJet Ink Cartridges now available in US!

If you are one of our valuable users in the US, operating with artis 3000U pro, artis 5000U or artisJet Young printers, we have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for you:

The artisJet DTSAT3 inks are closer to you, now shipping ink directly from US, all ink quantities and ink colors available!

Do you need CMYK ink colors or maybe WHITE ink only? Reach our Factory Authorized U.S. Distributor, and place your order using the promo code INKINTRO to enjoy FREE SHIPPING.

Hurry up, offer is available until November 11. Visit the website and place your order!

Introductory offer good for a limited time, ink orders are shipped from Southern California.

mid autumn festival holiday