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Direct to wood coaster printing to stand out from the crowd. Numerous materials to print on and one of them is the very versatile wood. Wood is a natural product and can vary in appearance. Let’s take for example the wood slices which can be made out of natural tree branches. These can be turned into many things and wood is the most suitable substrate to create out of ordinary custom printed drink coasters. Besides being a table accessory, natural wood coasters would be great items to display around the house or to showcase special moments as memorable personalized gifts.

Personalized natural wood coasters – a better way of promoting an event. Decorative natural wood coasters made from wood slices do more than protect surfaces if they are used as items to promote the specials in your restaurant or pub. Coasters can vary in diameter and thickness and this is why you can choose a simple look by printing on thin wood substrate finishes or by printing on rustic wood coasters for durable and impressive personalization results.

From simple ideas to outstanding printing results. Personalized wood coasters are suitable for any LED UV printers, giving the possibility to print any colors and shapes directly on the surface of the finished or natural wood coaster. Each custom wood coaster is unique, mainly when printing on lightly sanded or smooth satin wood surface, achieving both durable vibrant colors and natural texture of the wood substrate.

artisJet technologies to support customer ideas. When it comes for wood coaster printing technology, one of the most important customer needs is the flexibility of producing their printed items and that means reducing costs and increasing benefits. Printing by sublimation can be quite expensive, while choosing direct to wood coaster LED UV technologies can be cost –effective due to multiple items printed at one pass. Secondly, is about the wood substrate compatibility with the inks and the heat resistant which is enough to withstand the UV lights during curing. Also, the inks on wood are water resistant, producing long lasting digital LED UV printed artworks on wood coasters, even when exposed outdoors or if water is spilled multiple times on the wooden coaster.

That is why, artisJet works hard to transform the customizing printing process in an easy and fast operation and LED UV artis line printers meets all these requirements. From A4 to A2+ size solutions, direct to wood coaster printing as well as any other wood substrate media, such as wood frames, wood packaging, wood pen and anything you can think of that is made of wood, has never been easier and more available to start a printing business. Request a sample and develop your ideas with artisJet.

Art is the passion of the direct wood printing with endless possibilities. Printing custom and fine artwork directly on wood refers to a technology delivering pictures, logos, artworks, letters, etc. onto any type of wood materials or wooden products at one step.
Direct wood printing technology is also about anything you can image, and artisJet digital wood printers will deliver directly onto any type of wood, creating a durable and touchable colors, amazing image that you are always proud to display and share for personal memories or commercial occasions, everything with endless possibilities: wood coaster printing, direct printing on wooden pens, wood signage printing, indoor decoration wood frames printing, wood packaging printing solutions and many more.

Amazing color performances on demand is the benefit from artisJet digital wood printers. Totally differentiating from the traditional wood printing methods from silk screen, sublimation, heat transfer, sanding printing, artisJet digital direct UV LED wood print technology is delivering the colors on wood in vintage matte and natural glossy to your print emphasizing the natural color of the wood material, allowing the wood color to be seen through the ink displaying the unique imperfections of the grain and knots. Alternatively, artisJet UV LED printers allow you to have the bright white color finishing covering all the wood grains and knots, delivery the most true color, photo quality in vivid sharpness. And out of your imagination, artisJet direct to wood printers create the colors touchable in 3D textured/embossed printing on wood with different color depths on demand.

Easy production operation for users is artisJet direct color to wood solution as always. Print on wood should be easier and this is the way with artisJet UV LED printers:
Step 1 - Choose your desired photos, artwork, logos etc. and import to artisRIP;
Step 2 - Put the wood onto the artisJet UV LED printer tables;
Step 3 - Print;
Step 4 - Get what you want.

Printing with green, durable and vivid color performance results at low cost. The best way to print on wood is by using the LED UV technology, printers and inks. LED UV printers offer endless possibilities and easy step by step process when digitally printing on wood. For different materials, it is very important to choose the correct type of LED UV inks. Wood, being a hard substrate, requires a hard type of LED UV ink.
One of the steps in wood printing is choosing what artwork/graphics/image/logo you want to print, import it into the RIP Software and adjust the settings based on your needs. If not polished, wood can have a rough surface and that is why it requires a higher printing resolution. Once all the adjustments were made, print directly on the wooden item.

Technical Unique features on artisJet UV LED direct wood printers. The artisJet LED UV printers are effective for digitally direct printing on dark or light wood substrates. Designed for an enhanced flexibility and simplicity, artisJet’s Control on Demand System digitally controls the operation of the LED UV system. It automatically adapts to different materials and working environments. COD controls the UV curing system which will result in delivering an optimal digital wood printing quality and drying time.

artisJet LED UV platforms are the right choice when printing on wood substrates, even for bigger projects as wood packaging and boxes, allowing you to print on 530*810 mm substrates and up to 100 mm thickness. If you want to print on small items such as wooden USB flash drives, artisJet LED UV printers offer multiple prints at one pass.

When it comes for inks, the direct to substrate LED UV inks are developed to offer an excellent adhesion and scratch resistance. This way, artisJet can offer great color results and durable prints. Also, once CMYK graphics are printed, varnish ink can be layered to create a 3D embossed textured effect.
Due to the LED UV ink and technology, the digital LED UV wood printing is environmentally friendly, with minimal emissions and low energy consumption.

Recommended products for digital UV LED direct to wood printing solutions

artis 2100U

artis 2100U

SKU: AJU2100
Wood size to print: 180*297 mm
Max wood thickness: 50 mm
A4 printing time: 4 minutes

artis 3000U

artis 3000U

SKU: AJU3000
Wood size to print: 280*600 mm
Max wood thickness: 85 mm
A4 printing time: 3 minutes

artis 3060U

artis 3060U

SKU: AJU3060
Wood size to print: 280*600 mm
Max wood thickness: 85 mm
A4 printing time: 4 minutes

artis 5000U

artis 5000U

SKU: AJU5000
Wood size to print: 530*810 mm
Max wood thickness: 100 mm
A4 printing time: 2.5 minutes

Customized Packaging is becoming a main part of the personalization industry. Packaging applications are needed in all kind of industries such as consumer goods, retail, cosmetics, food and beverages, industrial goods and many more.

artisJet’s extensive knowledge of printing and production ensures you to get the very best guidance for packaging innovations that support key business objectives.

artisJet covers successfully this type of business being your main supplier not only in high end printing machines, but also ink bottles, accessories and software. Moreover, LED UV printers such as artis 2100U gives you the possibility to print on substrates of 50 mm thickness, so the height of a packaging box is not a problem even when operating an A4 printer.

Designed by the idea of simple operation, the ergonomic artis 2100U printer allows you to start your own business in small sized packaging and it is suitable whether for home business, office business and chain store business as well.

The artisJet LED UV printers are designed for all the printing possibilities on demand. With its environmentally friendly printing solutions, it empowers you to print on wood, metal, cardboard etc. and all the packages needed for any special occasion.

Custom leather printing is one of the opportunities and solutions that artisJet has to offer for startups or to expand a business.

artisJet developed two main platforms for LED UV digital printing that has the most advantages in leather printing industry: artis 3000U A3+ and artis 5000U A2+. These platforms have a wide range of direct printing onto different leather applications such as shoes, bags, bracelets, belts, agendas, leather device covers (phone and tablet covers) etc.

Printing on transparent or dark materials requires the usage of white ink layering which serves as an undercoat then printing CMYK inks. DTS UV LED white ink offers high-density white which enables rich and vibrant colors on dark substrates. In order to achieve eye-catching and brighter colours, first apply the white ink layer and print with a 2880*2880 dpi high resolution.

Moreover, artisJet’s LED UV inks have flexible attributes for durable prints, resulting into quality non-cracking finishes when printing on flexible substrates such as leather.

artisJet understands the need for diversity and a personalized leather phone cover can be a unique gift. That is the reason artisJet developed a new LED UV printer, artis 2100U, an ergonomic A4 platform suitable for the phonecases and device covers printing industry startups.

Whether it is a minimalist design or a complex one, artisJet LED UV printers offers instant curing of a digitally printed image, with the ability to print onto a wide variety of applications for leather personalization industry.

Digitally printing on leather requires excellent attention to detail, but artisjet makes it easy and cost-effective. Start your business or expand your business by printing leather on demand with artisJet and produce excellent results to impress the customers.

Personalization printing industry offers multiple possibilities for start-ups or for enhancing businesses and some of these are the personalization gifts and promotional items. These custom printed items are used as marketing tools for companies. Giveaways are most often used to promote or sell a new product, company or service, generate leads for businesses or create market awareness.

A unique corporate gift can be cost-effective and can bring you advantages in the business world by leaving a lasting impression not only to your clients, but also to your employees. Take advantage of the promotional gifting by bringing it to different corporate events, conferences, business meetings or anything related to your company.

When it comes to corporate gifts, electronics and gift cards are one of the best options to use as marketing strategy. Printing on electronics has a wide range of products and these items are truly powerful: device protection cases or direct printing on the device such as smartphones, USB keys, tablets, power banks, chargers, earphones and many more.

The retention value of the gift is very much higher as compared to conventional promotional gifts. Printing on promotional items, gifts and giveaways is one of the applications for which artisJet offers solutions, from printing platforms to applications (canvas printing, MDF and wood printing, jigsaw puzzles, switch panels etc.). artisjet direct printing systems will enhance your production performances by fast production speed, cost effectiveness, colour printing performances and great results.

If you want to add value to your business, discover more about artisJet’s solutions, products and applications and find the latest news from the personalized gifting industry. Get inspired with artisJet at Gifts & Premiums Dubai 2016 - International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Dubai, on 6 – 8 September

The personalized printed electronic gadgets become popular in the world wide since 2008 as the electronics industry was developing. artisJet has been launching new inks and solutions for the flatbed printing technology.

The electronic gadgets are special items for daily use. From the very popular smartphones and its accessories to data devices, they’ve become items with a great effectiveness in the printing industry as well in brand marketing.

Printing on electronic gadgets can be a cost effective way to promote your brand. The association between a business and a logo printed on a USB flash drive or power bank can reinforce a branding message, setting you apart from the competitors.

artisJet LED UV printers gives you the possibility to print high-resolution and high quality images, artwork, text and logos to create powerful business by printing on electronic gadgets (phonecases, tablets, USB disks, earphones, laptops, power banks etc.).

Any personalized picture can be printed on TPU, acrylic or transparent electroplated phone cases as well on plastic or metallic power banks and other devices.

artisJet printers are ideal for printing both on rigid and flexible materials, achieving amazing embossed effects, sharp details and small text rendering, up to 5760 dpi high resolution, vivid and bright color results with anti-scratch resistance, water proof and durability.

From large wood boards, canvas, acrylic, glass and metal frames to ceramic or stone tiles, power switches, coasters and many other applications, the indoor decorations are probably the most requested products for the personalization printing industry, whether is for personal use or business related.

When it comes for printing, wood is a truly versatile material. You can print quality photos, logos and text directly onto different wood substrates (wooden boards, wooden frames etc.) creating amazing items. Drink coasters are great substrates for printing artwork. Whether they are made from natural wood or MDF, they are a fun way of decorating a living room, kitchen or restaurant.

Express your creativity by printing directly on stretched canvas and achieve high color density and quality results due to the inks that penetrates into the fabric.

Printing on acrylic, glass or crystal can be an alternative to canvas prints. It's another solution to display photography, art and company's logo. The LED UV system allows you to print easily on these substrates, without damaging the material and achieving non-scratch and vivid color results. Printing on transparent or dark materials requires the usage of white ink layering which serves as an undercoat. artisJet's DTS Led UV ink white offers high – density color which enables rich and vibrant colors on transparent and dark substrates.

Now you can have your photos digitally printed on ceramic and stone. A simple ceramic or stone tile can become a lasting work of art and can give more value to your business.

With artisJet printers you have the ability to print on all these types of materials, achieving great results like a 3D raised printing effect.

In the end, indoor deco is about you and your business. So choose pieces that speak to your passion and print applications that will impress.





Originated from the type of ink that is used to print with, the digital direct LED UV printer is delivering the graphics on all the printing materials by forming a thin film due to its quickly cured original photopolymer in the ink.

The printing media colors will stand out with coarser halftones that feel like sand paper and create tactile color prints.

The embossed and textured effect resides between 2D digital printing and 3D fabrication. The same as 2D printing, its primary characteristic is to print graphics offering the potential to enhance the results on the substrates by adding vivid colors. The same as 3D printing, it is delivering typically the ink and creating multiple layers.

Differentiating from the actual 3D printing, the digital 3D embossed printing enhancement is not aiming to produce objects thicker than a fraction of a millimeter at a print pass. It is a color enhancement printing technology by creating perceived value and give more importance to the products.

Choose embossed photo realistic effect to create special and unique prints

that will stand out among all applications

As the technology evolved, the digital printing industry brought special applications such as embossed and Braille printing. Take advantage of the creative potential of raised printing

Opportunity and Challenge for 3D Embossed and Textured Printing



Get benefits from artisJet 3D embossed solution and print raised colors for brand impression enhancement. Attract and capture more customer attention visually to your brands by displaying the key messages in raised colors. By stimulating the viewers to touch the images, the 3D textured print will increase the value of the printed products and make them memorable.

Achieve glossy print results for a unique perceived value on the products. With the capability to deliver glossy shinning yet raised result, artisJet LED UV digital direct printers allows you to print the key messages that you want to emphasize in a glossy 3D embossed result.



Differentiate from the boring products and increase high product margins. As the office and internet printers reduced the printing demand for some types of printing like photos, business card print and also reduced the value of the traditional printing, the digital direct to substrate commercial printers light a new business opportunity to increase your printing margins by expanding more product lines.

Main market applications for the 3D textured direct printing

The main applications for the digital direct 3D embossed and textured printing include color printing performance and enhancement and additional value for:

Ready products which value will be raised by color reproduction: custom metallic / wood / carbon packaging, short – run packaging production, custom labels, phone cover printing, custom notebook covers, custom restaurant menus, custom photo books and albums, custom calendars, custom stationary , bags, invitations and post cards.

Semi – ready products for dedicated applications: custom plastic printing for signage, custom business cards, custom membership cards etc.; custom wood printing for coasters, shop signage, wood frames, USB disks etc.; custom metallic printing for blank pen, package, electronic devices, custom aluminum signage and other materials.

Braille signage printing. Benefiting from the automatic repeat printing functionality for multiple layers with domed and rounded ink dropping shape, the artisJet direct LED UV printers allow you to deliver an inkjet height on the materials from 0.1 mm up to 10 mm at a fast production speed in one step.

Trophy and awards for the winners. Maximize the proud by raised name prints on the awards in a luxury finish, giving an obvious tactile embossed finish.



Home based and start-up businesses

Equipped with the 1.5 picoliter of piezo printer head and empowered by the anti – static printing system, artisJet printers create layered colors for richer yet greater detailing print with eco – friendly color delivery. For small businesses, start-ups or growing businesses artisJet offers flexible solutions. This solution is easy to operate and offers a low running cost, therefore, a higher profit.


Small operational size

It only requires one computer PC and a working table.


Easy operation

Print directly from the computer software.


Mid-sized businesses

Fast productivity is to be maintained, as the mid-sized businesses already have their customer base. artisJet offer A3 and A4 sized productivity printing machine.

3D Embossed Printing


Choose the Best Printer for you

artisJet offers two professional LED UV printers, artis 3000 U and artis 2100 U. Both printers can meet the demands of printing direct to any substrate.


Model   artis 3000 U artis 2100 U
Print speed   6 min for Full A3 size @1440 x1440 dpi 4 min for Full A4 size
Printing technology   UV LED UV LED
Ink    artisink DTS3 (C, M, Y, K, W) LC, LM, V available CMYK W / CMYK LC LM
Media Application Mobile devices covers and cases, personalized giveways, promotional items (pens, USB sticks, name tags, accessories), trophies, PVC card printing, wood printing, industrial labels and packaging Mobile devices cover printing, custom gifts items, giveaways, PVC card printing...etc..
  Media Size A3+, 280 x 600 mm A4, 180 x 297 mm
  Thickness Up to 90 mm 5 cm
Printing Printing modes 4 pass
6 pass
8 pass
4 pass
6 pass
8 pass
  Print Resolution Up to 5760 x 1440 dpi Up to 2880 x 1440 dpi
  Printing Direction   Not adjustable, bidirectional lighting
  Print Head On demand Epson DX5 piezoelectric printhead.
Made in Japan
On demand Piezoelectic 180*6 nozzles printhead
  Nozzles Variable dot size printing technology,
starting from 1.5 pl
Variable dot size printing technology,
starting from 1.5 pl
Connectivity Ports USB 2.0 USB 2.0
  Operating systems Windows Windows 2000 / XP / WIN7/ Vista...
Dimensions Depth x Width x Height Printer 645 x 690 x 490 mm Printer 570 x 560 x 440 mm
Weight   Printer 120Kg Printer 48Kg
Flatbed transmission     Servo motor
Table up/down mode     Motorized 50 mm
Content of the box   artis 3000 U, USB cable, Power cable, User manual book, spare parts package, Driver CD, Ink Chips, Ink tunnels, SCM Cable, Power fuse, RIP Software, Extra back-up Dumper artis 2100 U, USB cable, Power cable, User manual book, spare parts package, Driver CD, Ink Chips, Ink tunnels, SCM Cable, Power fuse, RIP Software, Extra back-up Dumper
Environmental ranges   10 - 35 ° 10 - 35 °
Power   ~75W, Input voltage (auto ranging)
110V/220V 50 - 60 HZ
~75W, Input voltage (auto ranging)
110V/220V 50 - 60 HZ
Certification   CE certified CE certified
Warranty   One year limited warranty One year limited warranty


artis 3000U artisJet 3000U, A3+ LED UV Printer  


Product No. Description Ink Compatibility
DTS3 - 1000-001 Cyan UV-LED Ink DTS3, 1000ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 1000-002 Magenta UV-LED Ink DTS3, 1000ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 1000-003 Yellow UV-LED Ink DTS3, 1000ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 1000-004 Black UV-LED Ink DTS3, 1000ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 1000-005 Light Cyan UV-LED Ink DTS3, 1000ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 1000-006 Light Magenta UV-LED Ink DTS3, 1000ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 1000-007 White UV-LED Ink DTS3, 1000ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 1000-008 Varnish UV-LED Ink DTS3, 1000ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 500-001 Cyan UV-LED Ink DTS3, 500ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 500-002 Magenta UV-LED Ink DTS3, 500ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 500-003 Yellow UV-LED Ink DTS3, 500ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 500-004 Black UV-LED Ink DTS3, 500ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 500-005 Light Cyan UV-LED Ink DTS3, 500ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 500-006 Light Magenta UV-LED Ink DTS3, 500ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 500-007 White UV-LED Ink DTS3, 500ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 500-008 Varnish UV-LED Ink DTS3, 500ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-001 Cyan UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-002 Magenta UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-003 Yellow UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-004 Black UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-005 Light Cyan UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-006 Light Magenta UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-007 White UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
DTS3 - 200-008 Varnish UV-LED Ink DTS3, 200ml artis 3000U, artis 5000U
Cleaning agent Description  
BRCA-U-1000-001 Cleaning agent for LED UV inks, 1000 ml  
BRCA-U-500-001 Cleaning agent for LED UV inks, 500 ml  
BRCA-U-200-001 Cleaning agent for LED UV inks, 200 ml  
Fixing agent Description  
BRCA-U-1000-001 Fixing agent A/B liquids for UV LED inks, 1000ml  
BRCA-U-500-001 Fixing agent A/B liquids for UV LED inks, 500ml  
BRCA-U-200-001 Fixing agent A/B liquids for UV LED inks, 200ml  


artis 2100U artisJet 2100U, A4 LED UV Printer  


Product No. Description Ink Compatibility
DTSAT3 - 1000-001 Cyan UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 1000ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 1000-002 Magenta UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 1000ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 1000-003 Yellow UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 1000ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 1000-004 Black UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 1000ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 1000-005 White UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 1000ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 500-001 Cyan UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 500ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 500-002 Magenta UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 500ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 500-003 Yellow UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 500ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 500-004 Black UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 500ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 500-005 White UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 500ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 200-001 Cyan UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 200ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 200-002 Magenta UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 200ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 200-003 Yellow UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 200ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 200-004 Black UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 200ml artis 2100U
DTSAT3 - 200-005 White UV-LED Ink DTSAT3, 200ml artis 2100U
Cleaning agent Description  
BRCA-UAT3-1000-001 Cleaning agent for UV LED DTSAT3 inks, 1000ml  
BRCA-UAT3-500-001 Cleaning agent for UV LED DTSAT3 inks, 500ml  
BRCA-UAT3-200-001 Cleaning agent for UV LED DTSAT3 inks, 200ml  
Fixing agent Description  
BRCP-U-1000-001 Fixing agent A/B liquids for UV LED inks, 1000ml  
BRCP-U-500-001 Fixing agent A/B liquids for UV LED inks, 500ml  
BRCP-U-200-001 Fixing agent A/B liquids for UV LED inks, 200ml  

Designed with simplicity in mind, the artisJet RIP supports all BR printers models. It is suitable for beginners who are looking for a consistent vivid color output.

Layout platform

  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • Print origin setting, image resizing
  • Raster and Vector images support
  • Repetitive print jobs for industrial applications
  • Previewing

Print Engine

  • Vivid color reproduction
  • Bi-directional and Uni-directional print modes
  • Supports multiple ink channel configurations
  • Supports different resolution print modes (360x360 and up to 1440x2880dpi)
  • Support for jpg, tiff, bmp, png, eps and pdf image files
  • Total ink limit and individual ink channel limit settings
  • Color management engine with ICC profiles support
  • Direct printing from common graphic software. (CorelDraw, Photoshop, Autocad...)




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