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About the event. Photography, Videography, Digital Imaging, Frame & Album Exhibition, or Photo Today Show, is an international exhibition that brings together professional and amateur photographers, film industry professionals, photo retailers, digital printing business players, graphic designers, resellers and many other photography industry related professionals.

When? Open doors today, 27 June and until 29 June 2018. Where? The all-in-one show dedicated to photography will be held in Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.
Photo Today has become a leading show for the industry. During the 3 day event, around 20,000 relevant visitors are expected to attend Photo Today 2018 edition.
Nevertheless, at Photo Today 2018 you will discover the latest digital imaging services and equipments, as well as other range of products related to the amazing creative world of photography.

artisJet at Photo Today 2018. artisJet Direct to Substrate Printing Solutions will be represented by its partner in Bangalore, R.S Marketing & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Together with our partners, in Photo Today 2018 you will discover two of artisJet reknown platforms: the artis 5000U A2+ LED UV printer, for quantity printing and rotary printing too with the recently launched ROT 360 degrees technology for cylindrical printing (wedding bottle printing, baby bottle printing, candle printing, cylindrical packaging printing etc.), and artis 3000T A3+ DTG printer, perfect solution for direct to garment and textile printing.
With focus on custom wedding applications, you will learn the benefits of print on demand with artisJet DTG and LED UV technologies.

The printers. artis 5000U is the best option when it comes to customize multiple wedding invitations, benefiting from its SPOT LED UV Varnish technology, which ensures a high gloss and diamond-like effect for your print finishes.
A great additional feature for artis 5000U, is the ROT 360 cylindrical device, which helps in personalizing both wedding bottles gifts and bottle packaging with the same design. Your choice!

The DTG printer levels up the garment printing industry by allowing printing complex graphics, artworks and images at high resolution output: T-shirt printing, baby clothing, jeans printing, tote bags printing, canvas bags, cotton shirts, aprons, dog clothes, sports socks, promotional garments for different events etc. Due to the custom on demand printing jigs, you can print on the short sleeve of the T-shirts or on the long sleeve of the sweat shirts and parkas too.

To discover the real printing capabilities of artisJet printers, we invite you for product demonstrations in Stall P82, Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, starting 27 June 2018! Our partners await you!

Stay connected with artisJet on social media! Look for us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube! We will keep you updated with daily images from the event!


From large wood boards, canvas, art reproductions, wall décor, fine art and many other applications, the indoor decorations are probably the most requested products for the personalization printing industry, whether is for personal use or business related.

When it comes for printing, wood is a truly versatile material. One of the coolest features of wood photo printing is how the natural lines of the wood grain show through the lighter colors of a picture or photo. The primary reason for this is that no white ink is used in the printing process, so any white color is replaced with the natural color of the wood.

Wood frames come in different colors, sizes and shapes and even type of wooden material. You can print quality photos, logos and text not only on regular wooden boards, but directly onto different wood substrates, creating amazing indoor decorations or giveaways.

There is a wide variety of custom picture frames for your photos and artworks. Prints can be done on medium density fiberboard (MDF), an engineered dense, flat wooden product that has no knots. MDF is highly popular thanks to its affordability and versatility and is ideal for a range of applications, commonly used for indoor decorations.


artisJet LED UV inks not only complement the natural look of the material, but also give the potential to build textured effects, giving canvases vivid dimension and a realistic finish that looks and feels like an oil painting! Overlays can also be added with spot LED UV varnish while printing on wooden boards to create photo frames. This printing process greatly enhances images of fine artwork and can add effects to photos, too.

With artisJet printers you have the ability to print on all these types of materials, achieving great results like a 3D raised printing effect.

Express your creativity by printing directly on stretched canvas and achieve high color density and quality results. Canvas prints bring a minimalist, modern element to any room and offer various material sizes and styles to choose from. Add vibrancy and style to any office or home by displaying your favorite artwork, designs or memories.

Printing on canvas is the preferred choice when going for a “painted” effect. Canvas prints enhance many decor styles with the contemporary gallery-wrapped edges. When it’s time for a wall decor update, canvas prints are a simple way to transform your walls. They add texture and a stylish visual aesthetic. Whether you select one or two large canvas prints, they’ll enrich the colors and furniture in any room.

Why stop at just one canvas print? A wall display package allows you combine elements to create your very own photo documentary. Create photo collages by printing one image onto multiple canvases, this way making a bigger final artwork for wall decoration. Play with frames, colours, styles and effects.


There is always a chance of variances between each print, and with digital LED UV wood printing the final products are precise and consistent. artisJet custom digital LED UV direct printing on wood and direct printing for indoor decorations allows changes and manipulations to designs to happen rather quickly and with minimal effort due to artisRIP software.

artisJet Direct to wood LED UV printing technology is also about anything you can image, and artisJet digital wood printers will deliver directly onto any type of wood, creating a durable and touchable colors, amazing image that you are always proud to display and share for personal memories or commercial occasions, everything with endless possibilities.

Start your own custom printing kiosk business with artisJet LED UV printers.

With artisJet LED UV printers, it’s easy to start a kiosk printing business because it gives you the possibility to print on various applications in small spaces, instant print on wood frames of all shapes and sizes. The mall kiosks have proven the most successful for artisJet’s clients who sell custom products. The shopping mall kiosks are generally promising high traffic, therefore a large number of potential customers.

artisJet LED UV platforms are the right choice when printing on wood substrates .


artis 2100U

artis 2100U

SKU: AJU2100
Wood size to print: 180*297 mm
Max wood thickness: 50 mm
A4 printing time: 4 minutes

artis 3000U

artis 3000U

SKU: AJU3000
Wood size to print: 280*600 mm
Max wood thickness: 90 mm
A4 printing time: 3 minutes

artis 3060U

artis 3060U

SKU: AJU3060
Wood size to print: 280*600 mm
Max wood thickness: 90 mm
A4 printing time: 4 minutes

artis 5000U

artis 5000U

SKU: AJU5000
Wood size to print: 510*710 mm
Max wood thickness: 100 mm
A4 printing time: 2.5 minutes

We see signs every single day. Drive down the street and you’ll be confronted with road signs indicating which speed to drive at or directions to the town. In the workplace, you’ll discover health and safety signs littered here, there and everywhere. You’ll notice that shop signage is plentiful, detailing opening hours plus displays of discounts and deals.

So, what is signage? Signage is generally defined as any kind of graphic display intended to convey information to an audience. Signs are often used for advertising and marketing by companies or organizations.


Health and safety signage. They can be found in places such as workplaces, nurseries, schools and offices. Signs provide information and warnings about hazards or threats which are essential to safety.

Informational signages. These are signs conveying information about services and facilities, such as maps, directories, instructional signs or interpretive signage used in museums, galleries, zoos, parks and exhibitions that enhance the customer’s experience.

Persuasive Signage. Promotional signage designed to persuade users of the relative merits of a company, product or brand.

Directional signage. Directional signages are signs showing the location of services, facilities, functional spaces and key areas, such as sign posts or directional arrows.

Identification Signage. Indicate services and facilities, such as room names and numbers, restroom signs, or floor designations.

Safety and Regulatory Signage. Safety signs give warning or safety instructions, such as warning signs, traffic signs, exit signs, signs indicating what to do in an emergency or natural disaster or signs conveying rules and regulations.


artis 3000U and artis 5000U are ideal for general industrial use, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and indoor signage applications due to its eco-friendly ink system and technology. With its direct digital printing on all substrates with instant drying, the A3+ and A2+ LED UV platforms offer great printing performances at high speed and high resolution on all printing media. Add to this, if you intend to print small format signage, with a maximum printing area of 180 x 297 mm, artis 2100U is the right flatbed printer choice.


Have you ever stopped to think about how Braille signs are made? In the past, it has been an intricate process that takes time, money, and extremely specialized tools. If you wanted to add Braille signs to your offerings for your customers then it was a huge investment. But now, with the artisjet UV LED printers Braille signs can now be made easily and affordably.

artisJet UV LED printers create signage with colors, raised characters that meet ADA signage standards.

Braille LED UV technology is useful for all individuals, especially due to its ability to print raised dots in order to create Braille tactile signage for those with visual impairments. This technology provides an easier solution to making Braille applications signs, panels, keyboards for computer or other devices such as electronic calculators.

These UV LED Braille printing techniques are ideally reliable for plastic substrates, metallic substrate, direct to wood printing substrates, aluminum, PVC and many more which are cost-effective, time saving and a non-proprietary solution open to UV printer users.

Benefiting from the automatic repeat printing functionality for multiple layers with domed and rounded ink dropping shape, the artisJet direct LED UV printers allow you to deliver an inkjet height on the materials from 0.1 mm up to 10 mm at a fast production speed in one step. artis 5000U A2+ LED UV printer, the artisJet A3+ size LED UV available platforms, as well as the ergonomic artis 2100U A4 printer, all can achieve this creative potential by custom Braille printing and more!


Spot varnish is a great way to maximize the contrast between matte and gloss surfaces. It allows you to apply varnish to a certain image or graphic on your printed piece, such as a logo or photo, while leaving the rest of the piece unvarnished.

The extensive experience artisJet has gained in the Spot LED UV Varnishing has helped us develop a wide range of printing effects, such as spot gloss, matte varnish, 3D relief with raised varnish, subtle relief, strong printed textures, and scratch-resistant prints even for outdoor items, such as signage printing and door signs.

With the enhanced artis 5000U platform, the spot LED UV varnish adds a gloss finish and UV coating that helps your signs stand up better to the elements outdoors. Moreover, it provides excellent protective quality as well as a raised touchable effect as the 3D embossed effect and Braille tactile effect, often used in direct to signage printing.

Raised colors printing, varnish printing and 3D effect for Braille applications and outstanding printing results can be easily achieved with artisJet’s LED UV technology, enhancing the personalization businesses and impressing the customers.

These are just few of artisJet LED UV printers’ features. In addition, artisJet A2+ LED UV platform offers 360 degrees cylindrical printing to produce printed water bottles, personalized bottles, gift bottles and much more. That’s why artis 5000U LED UV printer becomes one of the best choices for all business ranges, from start-ups, small or developed businesses.

Request a sample and develop your signage ideas with artisJet. Ask informations by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enhance the printing capabilities of your business.

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artisJet in FESPA Berlin 2018. artisJet will be part of the FESPA Berlin 2018 edition, Europe’s largest exhibition for the wide format print. artisJet invites you to join us in FESPA 2018 and to discover its direct to substrate full printing solutions.

From 15 to 18 May, artisJet will showcase three of its well-known LED UV printer portfolio: from artis 2100U A4 format LED UV printer model, to the A3+ printer, artis 3000U LED UV system, as well as artis 5000U, the A2+ LED UV printer for increased printing production workflow.

All printers will await for its visitors in BOOTH D67 | HALL 3.1, along with multiple printed applications items: indoor decorations, wood frames, photo frames, glass printing solutions, phone cases, golf balls printing, promotional items (wood coasters, customized pens, key chains, pvc cards printing and vdp cards, name tags), book covers, agendas and notebooks and more.

Want more? What about LED UV printing directly on bottles and cylindrical objects? The NEW artisJet ROT 360 degrees technology and rotary attachment will turn the artis 5000U desktop flatbed printer into a rotary printer for on demand printing on bottles, cylindrical packaging, glass candle holders and direct to candles printing etc.

In addition, we’ve prepared special LED UV printing effects directly on various applications and custom items: spot LED UV varnish printing for glossy effect, 3D embossed effect, Braille dot printing, white ink printing capabilities, matte print output etc.

Also, ask for details on direct to substrate DTG printing with artisJet and check artisJet’s catalog at the event, for technical specifications.

Discover all and watch the printers in action! Remember: Booth D67 | Hall 3.1 | Berlin Expo Centre City | Germany, and discover more of what artisJet’s printing technologies and solutions can do for your printing business.

FESPA 2018 – things to know! Occupying ten halls with specific zones for various printing industry branches, such as screen, digital and textile printing solutions, the FESPA Global Print Expo in Berlin is right on the corner.

Starting next week, the FESPA Berlin 2018 event will bring together over 700 exhibitors (complete exhibitors list here) from different areas: screen printing, textile printing, digital printing, interior decor, signage solutions, packaging and display, and others.

During the four days event in Messe Berlin – Berlin Expo Center City, you will discover the newest products, the latest technologies and the best advice. For visitor badge registration, follow this link: FESPA 2018 registration.

The fair’s past years’ edition attracted an increased attendance from Eastern Europe, from countries such as Poland and Russia, in addition to the traditional audience from Western Europe and United States as well.

Discover artis 2100U, artis 3000U and artis 5000U LED UV printers and artisJet direct to substrate printing solutions in Booth D67 | Hall 3.1 | Berlin Expo Centre City. See you in FESPA 2018!

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The game of golf is becoming more popular, and as a result, promotional golf products are more effective than ever before. By providing items that are commonly used during a game of golf, you can connect with your clients every time they pull out their clubs and go for a hit.

Amongst all the different methods and tools to market to your audience, promotional items could prove to be a perfect way not only to stay top of mind within your current customer base, but to also educate your prospects about your company and offerings as you work on growing and increasing awareness around your business.

Plan thoughtfully the design of your promotional items. Keeping your brand and colors in mind, gear your design towards an attractive and appealing structure that will make your recipient remember you and your business.

artisJet direct to golf ball printers can help you capture the orders, such as company logos, souvenir for celebrating an event or occasion, family and friends customized balls.


artisJet LED UV printers provide many unique capabilities that are valuable for golf ball printing, including:

Standard golf fixtures/jigs - are available to allow printing multiple golf balls in a single pass. artisJet customized golf balls printing solution adopts gorgeous and colorful ink system, and unique designed standard golf jigs allow printing high quality pictures, logos and text directly on multiple golf balls at one time.

Rich yet sharp color performances - empowered by the piezo print technology and anti-static print systems, artisJet custom golf ball print solution delivers the colors directly on the golf balls in photo quality and highest sharpness.

Glitter/ varnish print result on demand - equipped with latest DTS3 Varnish ink, artisJet printers support the clear printing to enhance the performances of the printed products on demand.

Fast production speed at low cost - by importing the files into the artisRIP software, the products will be ready in few minutes. You can print multiple balls in single pass with custom jigs. For A3+ LED UV printers, the size of the jig is 55*30 cm, which means printing 72 pcs / one pass; for artis 2100U A4 LED UV printer, the jig size allows printing 24 pcs / one pass.

Variety of substrates - Print unlimited applications on different kind of materials like acrylic, plastic, wood, leather and much more.

Business owners and golf fanatics should consider customized golf balls not only for games and sports but also as one of the hottest products on the golf market. Customized golf balls can be used as promotional items, gifts, corporate promotion items or to simply give the golf balls a special unique differentiation from other market players.

A logo is the one element that should encompass a message, image, voice, brand… all in one! If the logo is done the right way, it will communicate the point of differentiation and help businesses stand out while positioning in the consumers’ mind.

There are many creative ways that can connect businesses with their clients, and one of these is through promotional golf products.

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Discover artis 2100U, artis 3000U and artis 5000U LED UV printers and artisJet direct to golf balls printing solution and more in FESPA BERLIN 2018 15-18 MAY in Booth D67, Hall 3.1 Berlin Expo Centre City look for artisJet in Booth D67 | Hall 3.1 | Berlin ExpoCenter City.

Do you like to play with colors and use them wherever you can? The perfect packaging idea will be to use the full color box. Such a box attracts the attention of a larger audience. Make them stand out on the shelf – you can add your own company print on the package.

Simplicity and shape can go a long way. Round shaped boxes are the perfect choice for high-end gift and retail packaging. Cylindrical shaped boxes are distinct in their style; it can be used to package any types of products from tea, coffee, and chocolate to beauty products.

artisJet’s extensive knowledge of printing and production ensures you to get the very best guidance for packaging innovations that support key business objectives.

Designed by the idea of simple operation, artis 5000U printer allows you to start your own business for small sized round and cylindrical packaging. Although perfect for quantity printing and larger applications (up to 100 mm in height and 51*71 cm printing area), artisJet’s A2+ LED UV printer is suitable whether for small working environments, home business, office business, shopping mall kiosks, and chain store business as well.

Add to this, with the recently launched ROT 360 technology, the artis 5000U LED UV printer becomes a rotary printing machine, which accommodates cylindrical objects with a maximum print bottle diameter of 7.6 cm and a minimum print diameter of 5.7 cm.

The artisJet LED UV printers are designed for all the printing possibilities on demand. With its environmentally friendly printing solutions, it empowers you to print on wood, metal, cardboard etc. and all the custom packages needed for any special occasion.

Personalized round boxes are used for a variety of applications including: chocolate boxes, drinks packaging, perfume packaging, gift boxes, personalized gift candles, bottle packaging, cylindrical tube packaging, Kraft paper tubes and more.

To support this idea, you can develop your workflow with digital printing on cylindrical objects such as personalizing a tea box with a photo, favorite quote, company logo or custom artwork. This way, you will create a gift that will be used and admired for years. Amp up the creativity and assign different colors for each tea flavor so your customers can easily find them and you can effortlessly monitor the inventory.

A wonderful addition to any tea lover is tea nook or even the company break room. Cardboard boxes or paper tubes packaging allow printing of the design on the walls of a box too, which makes it a very sophisticated branding channel. Moreover, with ROT 360 device you can create amazing cylindrical packaging for tea storage.

All in all, packaging is the only marketing channel that reaches all of your clients.

Explore our options to create a personalized round box printed with artis 5000U that matches your brand personality and reflects your brand image seamlessly.

Ask for artis 5000U and custom rotary device ROT 360 product quotation by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enhance the printing capabilities of your business.

Better look for artisJet’s products and visit us at FESPA BERLIN 2018 15-18 MAY in Booth D67, Hall 3.1 Berlin Expo Centre City and discover more of what artisJet’s printing technologies and solutions can do for your business.

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About the event. FESPA Global Print Expo 2018 is Europe’s largest exhibition for the wide format print industry, where over 600 exhibitors showcase their latest innovations and product launches in the digital and screen printing sectors for graphics, signage, décor, packaging, industrial, corrugated and textile applications.
The FESPA Berlin 2018 is a four day event, starting 15-18 May, which will be held at Messe Berlin (Berlin Expo Centre City) - Berlin, Germany.

Over the last decade, FESPA has been at the centre of the evolution of print technology for specialty printing. Visitors have access to the most extensive line-up of international exhibitors covering digital wide format, screen and textile printing technologies, as well as hundreds of suppliers of materials and inks.

artisJet at the exhibition. One of the best ways to identify business opportunities is to be part of this kind of industry-oriented events. At the event, you will discover a dedicated team whose key objective is to make a positive difference by providing suitable business solutions and reliable products to be integrated into complex workflows.

artisJet will demonstrate once again the printing capabilities of its eco-friendly LED UV technology, through its re-known LED UV platforms: artis 2100U A4 LED UV printer , artis 3000U A3+ LED UV printer and artis 5000U A2+ LED UV.

By visiting artisJet’s booth you’ll have the chance to discover the versatility of artisJet’s LED UV printers and its printing effects capabilities: varnish print, wood prints, promotional items, phone case printing and much more.

Grabbed your attention?
Better look for artisJet’s products and visit us in Booth D67, Hall 3.1 Berlin Expo Centre City, Berlin, Germany; and discover more of what artisJet’s printing technologies and solutions can do for your business.

Whether you are looking to invest or just keep up-to-date on the industry, a visit to FESPA 2018 Global Print Expo will give you the tools you need.

Find artisJet’s event page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Flickr, and YouTube and stay connected for upcoming news and details.

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2018 marked the start of a busy year for artisJet. Present in 3 exhibitions – Digi Sign Africa in Cairo, SGI Dubai and Souvenir Expo Greece in Athens – artisJet showcased both LED UV and DTG re-known technologies.
With the support of our partners in the three locations, the exhibitions were a great success.

Events look back and visitors. During the three exhibitions, which lasted for 8 days totally, artisJet Direct to Substrate printers got more than 600 visitors. The visitors had the chance to get onsite details and product demonstrations.
The start was given by the exhibition in Cairo, the Digi Sign Africa Fair where artisJet’s partner in Egypt, CMYK Print Solutions, showcased the artis 3000U and artis 5000U LED UV systems and various printed applications with varnish glossy effect printing. Digi Sign Fair is a great opportunity not only on regional level, but also for industry related worldwide, covering sectors such as outdoor advertising, digital printing, signage, graphic imaging to more.

Concomitantly, in the Athens exhibition, Souvenir Expo Greece, the largest and exclusive trade fair for tourism and folk art items, artisJet was represented by its partner in Greece, Master Print & Cut Systems. The visitors were impressed by the varnish and Braille printing effects achieved so easily with A4 printer, A3+ printer and A2+ system, and the variety of the phone case printing solutions, souvenir printing, custom wedding invitations, and more.

The series of events ended with SGI Dubai 2018, which brought together a vast gathering of both exhibitors and visitors from across the Emirates, Egypt, Lebanon, East Africa, Pakistan, India and others.
Masonlite Sign Supplies & Equipments, artisJet’s partner in UAE, showcased a versatile offer for increased printing workflow. From coasters printing, office stationery such as pen printing, personalized notebooks to direct to textiles printing, the visitors appreciated the DTG printing for both white and dark substrate printing solutions, as well as LED UV technology printing capabilities.

Printer development orientation. There is a clear definition: every brand sets its own market, developing into industrial printers, mostly for factory productions or office / public areas printing productions.
artisJet sets its own target as: home / office / shopping mall / kiosk customization production printing with original design: SMART size yet great print area features, to which the visitors have shown high interest.

Color delivery requirements changed into more options. During the SGI Dubai and Digi Sign Africa exhibitions, varnish printing became the first priority that catches the eyes of the visitors. Equipped with the latest technology of artis 5000U for Spot LED UV varnish printing, most of the customers focused on:
1. Spot varnish printing on dark materials;
2. Raised graphics printing results from varnish printing.
The Braille printing is becoming a hot application of artisjet Direct to Substrate LED UV Printers due to its ONE PASS yet raised colors and 3D embossed print result technology.

Garment print becomes more economical. At SGI Dubai show, artisJet DTG technology for T-shirt printing caught the attention of the visitors; therefore a lot of samples were printed and tested on customers’ demand. Empowered by the Dupont white ink, artis 3000T A3+ DTG printer is delivering the greatest white printing at low rate of maintenance.

FESPA Global Print Expo 2018 is right on the corner! Find artisJet on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Flickr, and YouTube and stay connected for upcoming news and details.
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Whether you intend to catch the eye of a customer browsing the shelves of their local bottle shop, or create a memorable keepsake for a wedding or anniversary party, artisJet has the perfect solution for you.

The perfect gift is equal parts thoughtful, unique and desirable - personalized bottle wine is all three. It’s time to bring your personalized products to life by using amazing, high quality, full vivid colors direct-to-substrate printing with artisJet printers.

In order for you to create a powerful business by making beautifully designed, durable custom bottles printed within minutes, artisJet recommends the artis 5000U and artis BR U1800 LED UV printers, due to their custom rotary device availability and printing height.


Custom LED UV rotary printing with artis 5000U accommodates cylindrical objects with a maximum print bottle diameter of 7.6 cm and a minimum print diameter of 5.7 cm. 360 degrees LED UV direct to substrate printing technology eliminates the need for label substrates.

The advantages of ROT 360 device are boundless. The ROT 360 rotary device for artisJet’s A2+ LED UV printer allows direct printing of complex designs, images or simple line of text.

Turn the flatbed printer into a rotary printer – this makes the artisJet LED UV printer a full solution for your business – print on flat boxes, but with 3D embossed effect and raised colors.

Add the ROT 360 device on artis 5000U A2+ LED UV printer to change it into a rotary printing machine – create personalized drink ware, custom wedding bottles, and special gifts such as wine bottles and so on.
With artisJet’s ROT 360 rotary attachment, you will get more complex products to the same high standard and quality of a flat product.

Achieve full prints on the personalized bottles with no breaks, seams or overlaps. The ROT 360 technology ensures perfectly combined prints, from one edge to the other, empowered by artisJet’s user-friendly Print Manager and artisRIP V9.0 software.


Don’t limit yourself to make just personalized bottles gifts for wedding; you can also have personalized wedding favor boxes for bottles. The options are ENDLESS. These beautiful boxes provide a stunning way to display wine bottles and are a great addition to any personalized wine gift .The wine will be consumed but these boxes will last forever.

Customize a canvas, wood, cardboard or jute wine gift box with direct to substrate LED UV printing technology to add a personal touch. The jute gift packaging items below are unique. A bottle of wine in an ecological packaging forms a perfect alternative to packing paper or the standard box.

Direct to substrate LED UV printing technology is also about anything you can imagine, and artisJet digital printers will deliver directly onto any type of wood or hessian materials creating durable and touchable colors, amazing images that you are always proud to display and share for personal memories.

Being able to personalize with the name of the happy couple and their wedding date, gives these boxes a unique edge which will make a favorite for many years.


There are no surprises here! You’ll love the vivid colors and bright print of these personalized wine bottles.

High color vibrancy, sharpness, and detailing results. The LED UV ink is a kind of pigmented ink with photo initiators which delivers rich, deep colors to maintain their vibrancy. The LED UV ink is unique due to its layering performance. This way, you can achieve 3D embossed prints and textured printed artwork on the wooden boxes. Enhance the wooden wine box with raised letters printing.

Request a sample and develop your ideas with artisJet. Ask for artis 5000U’s custom rotary device ROT 360 by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and enhance the printing capabilities of your business.

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People purchase candles not only as gifts, but to scent and decorate their homes and places or business. Love printing on candles? They’re perfect for celebrations like birthdays or weddings, but can also be beautiful for holidays, too.

Printing on Candles has never been so easy and looked so good.

Imagine being able to print directly onto any candle with full color! Now you can! The first thing you will need to do is come up with an idea of what you want to put on the candle. This can be a photo or a quote or anything else that you can think of.

The LED UV curing is considered as the best available on the market today and its main characteristic is the instant drying ink while printing at the same time. The cooler cure of an LED system also opens up new print applications on temperature sensitive and thin substrates.

As less heat is dissipated from a LED lamp, it is easier to keep the media flat under the shuttle, so printing on wax is easier because the printer is not melting the substrate. Less operating heat also prevents material distortion, making it easier to rewind and re-register colors. And because of the uniformity and long-term consistency of LED lights, designers can develop safer, more stable and more reliable processes for low-migration printing.

The light sources deliver high uniformity and consistency over time, giving the end user confidence in the quality of the process. Now that UV LED curing has gained worldwide acceptance, more and more users are recognizing the real-world benefits.

With artis 5000U you can print direct on candles, the ROT offers accurate and vivid prints benefiting from its motorized driven system.

Have a look at these pictures of LED UV printing on candles, some great results and easily achieved using artis 5000U rotary device. Empowered by artisJet DTS3 LED UV ink technology, the ROT 360 degrees enables rich and sharp color performances.

Realize full 360 degrees continuous print jointed seamlessly on any cylinders and candles too.

You can also print on candles holders. A personalized candle holders are the perfect decoration or gift for iluminate their home with heartwarming memories.Each time they light a candle they will see a sweet message printed directly on candle holders.

Choose from a large variety of ideas: personalized candle for holidays, wedding candle, memorial candle, personalized photo candle, birthday personalized candle and so on.

Printing custom candles is a great way to add revenues, and profits to your promotional products business. Holidays, special occasions, memorials, are all potential markets that can make you money - IF you have the right LED UV Printer.

Have any photo, design or company logo printed on candle with artis5000U!

Flexible and reliable, artis 5000U LED UV printer designed for small environments is the perfect choice for top quality products requiring vivid, brilliant, and high-definition printing.

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