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Sustainable inks

artisJet ink cartridges are developed keeping in mind the color performance, the ink durability, the ink sustainability, the color resistance and environment friendly features. Behind each artisInk ink cartridges, there are hundreds of testing hours and testing steps and years of engineering and technology, to secure the best success of your printing on each single job with amazing performance.

Ink to fit all needs

A RoHS, REACH, RISC, and RCM certified ink, artisInk passed the international ink testing standards, with different inks for different needs: water proof ink, universal inks highly compatible with different materials, flexible ink for soft leather substrates, enabling the usage on thinner and heat-sensitive substrates as well, without any damage.

Safe and certified ink

Wondering how bad are the smell and fumes from the ink? artisJet LED UV inks are almost odorless, and the machine doesn’t have to be in a separated room with special ventilation and exhaust. Most artisJet end users and customers have their businesses running in crowded places such as shopping malls, small offices, even in home businesses.

RoHS compliant ink
Reach compliant ink
RISC certified ink
RCM certification for ink

artisJet’s DTSAT3 LED UV ink is not toxic, is harmless to the environment. It will not hurt your hands, only make them dirty, if you want to touch the ink. Due to its eco-friendly characteristic, is highly advantageous to print using LED UV inks.

Matching the requirements in professional fields

In addition to environment safety, make note it is perfect for kid-friendly items such as toys and play around applications (wood bricks, plastic or wooden jigsaw puzzles, Lego bricks and pieces, Jenga blocks, game controllers, Rubik cubes, ping pong balls and paddles, custom ABC photo building blocks etc.).

Nevertheless, the beauty industry, the skincare and cosmetics brands are widely using artisJet solutions to offer personalized solutions to their customers, by direct printing in-store on the preferred items: lipstick printing, customized face cream jars, and fun prints on lip-gloss, emoji printing on mascara and powder cases. The options are endless, the ink is eco-friendly, while customers enjoy their products.

custom cosmetics printing
lego bricks puzzle printing
custom beauty products

Some ink features and advantages?

Take into consideration that LED UV curable inks offer significant advantages:

  • ✓ Compatible to wide range of print materials covering acrylic, wood, plastic, metal, aluminum, leather and many more;
  • ✓ Excellent ink stability with low-solvent ingredients, designed to coordinate perfectly with the print head;
  • ✓ Absence of VOC (volatile organic compounds), safe for all usage and harmless to humans;
  • ✓ Smooth and sharp color quality for Photo-realistic images, high precision printing and varied printing effects, including Braille and 3D effect;
  • ✓ Fast cure, high color density, superior scratch resistance, and low energy requirement;
  • ✓ Contributes in reducing the print head nozzle blocking which leads to significantly low rate of nozzle failure;
  • ✓ The inks are in cartridges greatly reducing the sediments while extending the ink life;
  • ✓ 100% use of ink, easy check of the ink supply levels to determine ink estimates.

artisJet Ink Cartridges now available in US!

If you are one of our valuable users in the US, operating with artis 3000U pro, artis 5000U or artisJet Young printers, we have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for you:

The artisJet DTSAT3 inks are closer to you, now shipping ink directly from US, all ink quantities and ink colors available!

Do you need CMYK ink colors or maybe WHITE ink only? Reach our Factory Authorized U.S. Distributor, and place your order using the promo code INKINTRO to enjoy FREE SHIPPING.

Hurry up, offer is available until November 11. Visit the website and place your order!

Introductory offer good for a limited time, ink orders are shipped from Southern California.

mid autumn festival holiday

About Adobe MAX 2022 - The Creativity Conference

Under the umbrella of Adobe Inc., Adobe MAX is one of the world’s biggest creativity conferences. “MAX is a creative rocket ship of amazing contents, great speakers, and fun labs” (previous MAX attendee,

Starting October 18th, and after two years of attending the event online only, the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference 2022 can be attended either virtually or in person, with over 6,000 in-person attendees, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The event is the best time for Adobe to present the new developments and updates of its suite of applications (Adobe Creative Cloud) and to build a community of creative professionals.

Adobe MAX covers several industry’s topics, all set in sessions: 3D and augmented reality; Creativity and Design in Business; Drawing, Painting, and Illustration; Education; Graphic Design; Photography; Social Media and Marketing; UI and UX; Video, Audio, and Motion.

It’s the moment when Adobe’s announcements regarding new products and features are released, but it is mostly a great opportunity to make valuable connections between creatives: from marketers, artists, illustrators and graphic designers who create across multiple design disciplines including printing, to photographers, tech and business strategists, technology leads and more.

At the same time, the different hundreds of sessions, labs, workshops and networking events teach attendees new insights, tips and tricks of using Adobe suite in different creative industries.

artisJet in Adobe MAX – Fit your environment and let your ideas bloom

We are happy to announce that, this year, artisJet is sponsor of Adobe! And the ones that made this happen and we are grateful to is The Fittest, a team of professional entrepreneurs with decades of experience into helping companies and brands launching their ideas through business consulting, coaching, strategic planning and scaling up.

artisJet offers solutions with A4, B2, B3, B5 and dedicated application-oriented printers for different scenarios and environments, from home business, store business, shopping mall business, kiosk business, printing house, design studio, printing production factories, and other scenarios to be sure it fits the various printing business necessities.

Get inspired. Imagine. Make-IT

How artisJet digital inkjet printing solutions work with Adobe? Empowered by the artisJet WorkStation, artisJet printers are printing directly from any third party software, supporting all popular types of graphics including those from Adobe, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, PDF and others on demand too.

At the Make-IT booth, you will have the chance to experience interactive direct printing from Adobe on your own! Adobe ambassadors will assist you through this fun and creative printing journey. Don’t forget to scan your badges at the artisJet booth scanner and let’s connect!


From 18th to 20 of October, find artisJet proV6 printer at the MAKE-IT booth, in the Adobe MAX Community Pavilion, Los Angeles Convention Center. Don’t miss out the inspirational ideas and printing surprises we’ve prepared for you! See you there, cannot wait to meet the best creative community!


Print Santiago promotes the development of the graphic industry in Latin America. Its 2022 edition is committed to a new way of doing business, with a hybrid and multiplatform communication format.

What will you find in Print Santiago? Machinery and equipment, substrates, supplies and services for the graphic and packaging industry, pre-print, digital printing, software, inks and consumables, design and innovation, packaging and more.

Print Santiago will exhibit the latest in printing services for various industries in a fair epicenter of 4000 square meters, in Espacio Riesco Expocenter.

It is the opportunity to bring the advances and innovations of the present time closer to the region, uniting over 15 countries from Latin America in the face of business opportunities in a post-Covid-19 environment: Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and more.

Keep Braille at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

With the recent development of touchable and raised UV LED printing, compliant Braille signage can be created with an even greater graphics appeal and in a single printing process with UV curable ink.

These UV LED printing techniques are ideally reliable for plastic substrates, metallic substrate, direct to wood printing substrates, aluminum, PVC and many more which are cost-effective, time saving and a non-proprietary solution open to UV printer users.

With artisJet LED UV Braille technology, Braille become an easier and at hand feature, creating multiple applications for customized electronics industry, restaurant menus and other reading materials, such as music scores, birthday cards and many more.

3D printing Braille characters can be applied onto consumer products, with the ultimate intent for packaging from retailers to include Braille offerings for such uses as dosage instructions on a medicine bottle, an expiration date on some sort of food packaging or anything else that could be beneficial to the visually impaired.

Benefit from the creative potential of raised printing by choosing artisJet LED UV tactile printing for indoor and even outdoor ADA Compliant Braille signage solutions and applications.

Blessit brings Braille Solutions in Print Santiago Chile

Braille printing solutions with artis 5000U UV LED printer are brought to you in Latin America by Blessit, artisJet’s partner in Chile and Argentina, a company with more than 22 years’ experience in offering comprehensive services and specific solutions for particular needs, addressing all disabilities in general.

This way, most prestigious companies in Chile, Argentina and neighbouring countries can provide products and services equally to all their clients in the market, from Braille custom printing to implementing Braille system solutions in the retail industry and helping those with impaired vision.

Where to find them? Come join Blessit and artisJet Braille solutions in PRINT Santiago Expo 2022, Stand C13, Espacio Riesco Expocenter!.

¡Nos vemos en Chile!

An Autumn Invitation from artisJet

This autumn you are invited to explore artisJet printing innovations globally. As the world bounces back from the doldrums of Covid, so is the activity of artisJet and our global partners.

To use metaphors befitting this season of harvest, artisJet has been quietly and carefully cultivating the field, planting seeds, and nurturing the crop all through the lockdowns and quarantines during spring and summer.

And this autumn, the fruits of our efforts are now blooming and ripening far and near for our clients to harvest.

10 exhibitions in 10 weeks, with many more to be announced, will sure to bring artisJet and our instant printing solutions closer to a wider interested audience.

Being more present on the world stage enables us to refine a global vision, to engage customers face to face, and to better help partners and all our users succeed.

Discover more about the events.

You can find out more about artisJet event schedules by visiting our EVENTS page.

See you soon at our next exhibition.

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Start for FIGRAMPA 2022 - Leader in Latin America

FIGRAMPA – Feria Internacional de la Industria Gráfica, Multi-Medios, Publicitaria y Afines (International Fair of the Graphic, Multi-Media, Advertising and Related Industry), is a leader in Latin America, being the first and largest of its kind in Ecuador.

In its 8th edition, FIGRAMPA 2022 aims to present great business opportunities and promote a communication space where industry professionals can present their own brands and trends in the sector, while exchanging knowledge, processes, products and services through technological innovation.

It is a place where the latest trends in machinery, digital and laser printing, offset, larger format printing, flexography, screen printing, textile sublimation, 3D printing, eco-friendly solutions, packaging production are presented.

artisJet printing systems in Ecuador

The event is already rolling! Organized by AIG, FIGRAMPA is taking place at the Centro Exposiciones Quito, Ecuador, from 22 to 25th of September. You have 3 more days to join artisJet official distributor in Ecuador, Digital Color! They are waiting for its visitors with printing demo and solutions to meet all expectations: from flatbed printing on small applications (pen printing, lipstick printing, key chains…) with artisJet proV6 small printer, to large format printing and rotary customization capabilities with artis 3000U pro B3 LED UV printer.

Technology innovation doesn’t mean just hardware updates, but also printing effects and color print quality: Braille dots printing, touchable and glossy printing and much more.

Discover all in Stand No. 37, in FIGRAMPA! You will find a dedicated and experienced team of professionals who will take you through an exciting journey in digital printing and personalization solutions. What customers say about them? “Buena atencion y servicio de calidad en todos sus productos”.


Creating value with digital printing

Digital printing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the sign industry, while technology advancements and innovations in digital printing have enabled a significant improvement in print manufacturing efficiency and high print quality, as well as contributing into providing time-efficient production and optimization, waste minimization, and cost-effective solutions.

Since 2005, artisJet has been standing at users’ and partners’ side utilizing their experience working with our printing systems and solutions, simplifying the color production and having everyone to enjoy the privilege in customization. Achieving sustainability and building agile and efficient customized printing solutions is the priority, while creating value for customers and teams is the pursuit.

artisJet printing solutions in Central America

Autumn season is already announced to be a fruitful one, with artisJet digital printing systems present in multiple exhibitions simultaneously. This time, from Australia to India, and then to Europe, our printing solutions are crossing the Atlantic Ocean:

We are proud to announce that Multicopias Imprenta, artisJet distributor in Mexico, will be showcasing artisJet’s digital inkjet printers specialized for B3 and B2 size printing, artis 3000U pro and artis 5000U UV LED printers in FESPA MEXICO 2022! Discover the two production horses for both flatbed and rotary printing and learn more about the different printing effects and capabilities of these two printing systems, by visiting our partner in Booth C30 of Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City.

FESPA Mexico – Empowering the graphic industry

For 13 years, FESPA Mexico is the largest dedicated wide format exhibition in Central and North America, supporting the specialty print industry.

Focusing on sectors such as textile printing, garment decoration, 3D printing, screen printing, and signage, alongside a variety of product innovations, technology and solutions from over 150 leader brands, as well as quality educational content that will offer visitors the chance to build their businesses and add new print solutions, you have 3 days to discover the best in the industry, starting today, September 22nd.

Carried out based on the 3S - Sano, Seguro and Sustenable (Healthy, Safe and Sustainable), it’s a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with over 10,000 professionals and create new business connections and to discover a variety of product solutions and technology innovations in one place.

Remember: Multicopias Imprenta – artisJet Mexico, Stand C30, Centro Citibanamex, Mexico City.


About GRAFIMA Fair 2022

We are finally meeting for Grafima Belgrade Serbia!

Because of COVID-19 pandemics, 2021 edition had to be cancelled. The International Graphic, Paper and Creative Industry Fair – Grafima, has been present for decades on the list of major European exhibitions. At its 42nd edition, Grafima continues to gather various professionals from Serbia and from around the world, with a total of 914 participants from over 20 countries.

What is exhibited? In Grafima Fair there are appointments with both national and international exhibitors from industry’s various branches presenting products, services, technical and technological achievements in printing machinery, graphic arts, printing hardware and printing software, digital printing, packaging and labeling, advertising materials etc.

artisJet Printing Solutions in GRAFIMA 2022

With one of its technical support and partner based in Novi Sad, Serbia, Europe, Printing & Software Solutions, artisJet brings to the Serbian and international visitors innovative digital inkjet printing technology with artis 3000U pro B3 UV LED printer on display.

Leveraging smart technologies that enable users to uncomplicated and speed up the production process, artisJet digital inkjet printers can deliver smooth and durable printing results on limitless materials: wood (wooden photo blocks, wooden lego bricks, wooden cards…), plastic (cards, stationery, pens), metal (bottles, signage, name badges), leather (purses, bags, phone cases), and more.

In addition, the B3 UV LED printer features easy job management and powerful software functions, user friendly control system, fluid workflow with artisJet Workstation, and technological characteristics to meet different needs such as flatbed printing and bottle cylindrical printing through its 360-degree rotary attachment that allows printing from as small as 1.5 cm in diameter to 22.5 cm max, in just one pass.

But this is not all! Join artisJet and Printing & Software Solutions in Grafima 2022 – discover a dedicated team whose key objective is to make a positive difference by providing suitable business solutions and reliable products to be integrated into complex workflows.

Grafima is already running! From today and until September 24th, come join artisJet partner in Belgrade Fair, Serbia, Stand 4012.


Cards printing personalization

Customized ID cards or any cards, are now far more than a basic photo or simple text printing on a regular business card. The inkjet UV LED technology advancement and card printing systems have come a long way, offering a variety of options that can be displayed on different cards substrates with barcodes, QR codes, magnetics stripes, VDP printing, RFID and more, to allow a greater security and at the same time to serve as a marketing opportunity through color printing innovation.

Compared with conventional thermal and retransfer technologies, digital inkjet card printing technology enjoys many advantages and previously unattainable functions.

After extensive R&D, and benefiting from appointed partners’ feedback over more than one year already, artisJet Proud ID card printer has been continuously improved to meet all expectations.

Our partner in India, ForceID, invites you to discover the Proud printer in SMART CARDS EXPO 2022, and all its card applicability for different areas: hospitality and leisure, retail, government, events and more.


Organized by Messe Muenchen India, and since its first launch 23 years ago, SMART CARDS EXPO is India’s only trade fair focusing on smart card technologies, and is organized with the co-located trade fairs IoT India Expo, e-Security Expo, RFID India Expo, Biometrics India Expo, Digital Payments India Expo and Artificial Intelligence India Expo.

It’s a strong event empowering professionals in the card industry at all levels: from emerging digital technologies, to services, infrastructure, smart factories etc.

ForceID to showcase artisJet Proud

ForceID, our exclusive pan-India distributor of artisJet ID UV Card Printer, is expecting its visitors to experience the excitement with new technology. Join a team of professionals in Booth SE11, Hall 9, India Expo Mart, Greater Noida / Delhi NCR, for 3 days of all-about cards industry, technology, security and innovation.

Starts tomorrow, September 21st. MEET YOU IN INDIA EXPO MART!

UV Printing Technology Innovations

UV print technology innovations are driving new market growth and creative applications for many business owners, whether is about retail industry, shopping mall kiosk, telecom business, in-store printing or online personalization stores and online businesses. Personalization and custom products and solutions are dedicated for a wide range of professionals, and what all have in common is their customers.

In the recent years, artisJet continuously invested in research and development in order to keep innovating and launching printing systems that make a significant and positive impact in terms of printing efficiency, productivity, and costs while maintaining all aspects of flexibility in this market, so that customers and consumers can enjoy customized products that go beyond their expectations: from artwork and real photo printing of their own, to print effects and colors durability. It’s a whole journey and experience.

DIGICOM – Digital Print and Visual Communication Show

artisJet has already been part of DIGICOM previous editions, through its dedicated partners.

As the leading trade fair for the graphics and visual communication industry on the Iberian Peninsula, DIGICOM 2022 brings together leading exhibitors, brands and their solutions from different sectors of the printing industry: interior design, fashion industry, marketing, advertising, printing, publicity, retail, signage industry, packaging and labeling, 3D printing, digital printing and so much more.

Organized by IFEMA – Feria de Madrid, DIGICOM will be taking place starting next week, from 20th to 22nd of September, Recinto Ferial Pabellon 10. You will have 3 days of a massive opportunity for networking, learning, and finding the latest printing technology launches and the right customized solutions and products for different printing business needs.

Madrid, We Need a Printer! – artisJet Spain in DIGICOM 2022

Looking for easy to handle and operate printing systems to complement your customization needs? You don’t have to travel into the outer space to look for the right printing system and solution. It’s right here on Earth, in DIGICOM Madrid 2022 edition. 

Our Spanish partner, Abitec Technologia – artisJet España, will be exhibiting artisJet desktop inkjet printing solutions in Stand D09 – Hall 10.

A highly professional and industry-savvy team, artisJet Spain will not only showcase artisJet printers, with artisJet Young small A4 LED UV Printer and artis 3000U pro LED UV printer on display, but they’ve also prepared some innovative solutions in terms of software and online applications they have been working on, to create comprehensive printing solutions that cover almost all aspects of personalization. Watch the video presentation of artisJet Spain’s multifunctional personalization app here.


artisJet Spain in Digicom
personalization app printing

When Technology Meets Personalization

In these continuously developing digital times, it’s hard not to state that technology keeps evolving hand in hand with personalization, but also vice-versa. Advances in digital technology, whether is for printing industry, marketing, social media or others, allow creating much more personal and human experiences across all industries, channels, buying stages etc.

It’s all about customer journey, customer interaction and customer experience at all levels.

According to Forbes, 89% of businesses are investing in personalization as a critical strategy for their current and future success. Providing a tailor-made, outstanding experience to your customers makes them feel valued as individuals, while 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. Build brand loyalty and stand out in the noisy digital world by implementing data-driven personalization strategies.

investing in personalization
consumers personalized experiences
personalization tactics
marketers personalization potential

When it comes to personalization, it’s not about asking consumers to buy, but about surprising and delighting them with useful content that is personalized, relevant and in-the-moment, and the best means to achieve it in terms of technology.

Whether you are in the printing business as an online personalization shop, a successful brand in different industries, or even a player with high-production levels, but you want to add personalization and customized solutions to your products, we would like to invite you to meet and greet artisJet Australian partner, Inkjet Print Australia in Modern Manufacturing Expo 2022 exhibition.

About the event.

Organized by International Exhibition & Conference Group, the Modern Manufacturing Expo is for those who are key decision makers and have management roles looking to explore new equipment, technologies and software to drive growth and productivity, and embrace modern and digital advancements and strategic plans.

MME2022 brings together more than 50 leading companies in advanced manufacturing, products and technologies: from warehouse automation, to digital smart factories, green and sustainable manufacturing, and production automation equipment to more. Plus, is a FREE-TO-ATTEND event.

artisJet team at MME 2022.

Autumn season announces as a busy one for artisJet teams and global partners. And Australian area is no exception.

Modern Manufacturing Expo will be taking place starting next Tuesday, September 20th and until September 21st, at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park, Australia.

Save the dates and let’s come together to an amazing exhibition and great time for building valuable connections. Meet artisJet Australia team in Stand K18, Halls 5 - 6, they cannot wait to show you the latest technology development with artisJet digital inkjet printing systems range, from small A4 printing size to large desktop format printer and custom ID card printing solutions with artisJet Proud .

What’s more? This year, the Modern Manufacturing Expo is co-located with WHS Workplace Health & Safety Show, September edition, check the floor plan here. artisJet Australian partner already attended the WHS Show back in May 2022, showcasing workplace-related signage printing by artisJet products. SEE YOU THERE!

printing on defibrillator
safety signage digital printing
safety signage printing