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Tomorrow, September 10th, is the famed Mid-Autumn Festival for 2022.

This traditional Chinese Holiday, observed on the 15th day in the eight lunar month, has been a time for family reunions in China for thousands of years.

Joyous festivities were held at artisJet with tasty moon-cakes and snacks for everyone, alongside of best wishes and red packets.

Following the ancient spirit of the storied festival, our team in Beijing will be spending time with families during this holiday period, which lasts from Saturday (10th) to Monday (12th).

We’ll see you next Tuesday, and Happy Holidays from all of us at #artisJet!

mid autumn festival holiday

This past August saw a spate of company news and developments, from industry recognitions to market expansions, and this is a brief review of some of the major activities that punctuated a rather busy, but fruitful summer for artisJet.

artisjet meeting room
artisjet business strategy implementation meeting



artisJet has been continuously investing in product improvements and pursuing higher standards of quality, and, as a result, has been bestowed a wide array of top-tier national and international certifications and accreditations. As an enterprise, artisJet is now certified by the newest ISO standard, ISO 9001:2015, and has officially been recognized as a Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise in China.

On the products level, artisJet has met the latest CE standards, as attested by EU-authorized testing labs, for LVD, EMC, and RoHS. To better serve the domestic market, artisJet has also successfully renewed its CCC approval, which is the national product certification in China. At the same time, artisJet products have passed the IP testing.

ISO Standard certification
Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise in China certification
CE certified company
RoHS compliant certification
China CCC certification



The Channel Business Unit - Innovation in business model and product design

artisJet has just inked an OEM partnership agreement with a prominent laser manufacturer in Australia.

To accommodate the specific requirements of the client, artisJet went the extra mile with the design and production of customized variations of the artis 5000U printer with larger printing areas as big as 60 x 90 cm.

A sponsorship agreement with Adobe has also been finalized for artisJet to be featured at the upcoming AdobeMax in October. Stay tuned for more details!

laser manufacturer in Australia
adobe max conference in los angeles

The Proud Team - New technologies and New Partners

The Proud Team, as part of Dedicated Business Unit, and specialized in card printing, has unveiled two new card jigs that facilitate the easy printing of card edges, giving the cards a polished look.

New breakthroughs have also been achieved in hot stamping, adding to the growing collection of special effects that help the products stand out.

The Proud Team welcomed new business partners in Switzerland, Russia, the Philippines, New Zealand, and Australia.

proud over the edge card printing jig
proud printer online webinar

The Scenario Business Unit - New Territories and New Potentials

artisJet further expanded into Latin America, penetrating the markets in Mexico, the Caribbean, Brazil and Peru, joining hands and collaboration with local authorized partners on the personalization of cosmetic products.

Developments are also underway in EMEA, especially in India with the potential to team up with more beauty brands.

beauty brand cosmetics personalization
emea beauty brands online meeting



As always, artisJet actively participates and empowers trade fairs and major events both at home and abroad. artisJet was already present at the CIFTIS - China International Fair for Trade in Services early September in Beijing, which is the largest trade fair globally for services.

We are also set to take part in more events including CIIE 2022 China International Import Expo once more, as well as AdobeMax in October.

New products and upgrades are also in the offing for current and prospective clients and we will bring you more updates as artisJet forges ahead with more innovation and possibilities.

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Some time ago, most artisJet team members in Beijing were confined to their homes, working remotely, complying with Covid-19 regulations. Through regular online communications, we have been able to overcome the limitations and attain a high level of productivity.

team online meeting room
team office phot work

So to balance the need to avoid unnecessary contact with strangers and to meet customer expectations, a small number of colleagues have been traveling to and from work together in carpool style.

carpool team
team photo collage

Although it’s been a tough time for all of us, we are determined not to let COVID put us down. Thanks to the artisJet proactive actions in response to the epidemic, the quality and efficiency of our service to clients did not suffer a bit. As restrictions were lifted some time ago, all of us were finally able to return to the office. A celebration was held to mark this joyous occasion, and to duly recognize business units and individuals for their steadfast implementation of artisJet core values that helped us weather this tough time: dedicated, proactive, passionate, result-driven, and consistent. We swapped stories about overcoming difficulties telecommuting and shared few laughs while enjoying specially designed no-more-COVID themed cakes.

celebration cake
artisjet team celebration
 awards against covid

Now that the worst is in the rearview mirror, we will carry forward the unyielding spirit forged in this period and embrace a brighter future. Turn the music up, have a cup of coffee, share a few laughs. Blue sky, open road, positive energy. Always raise each other up. It’s our way, the artisJet style.

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ink system new dual pump system
printing software upgrades
more printing system upgrades

Technological innovation and system upgrades have always been at the core of artisJet's way of meeting and exceeding customer expectations, Whatever matters most to customers, whether it's making things more efficient, cost-effective, durable, or easier to use, matters the most to us.

After gathering and analyzing extensive feedback and suggestions from our customers for the past months and years, we have identified two key areas that our customers are particularly interested in and care about:

1. The durability of the ink system;

2. The user experience of the software.

And we have dedicated a tremendous amount of resources to the research and development of these and other areas that matter greatly to customers and end-users, seeking improvements that will ultimately help propel our customers to success.

Part 1 – The New Dual-Pump System

More precise, more consistent, more durable, cleaner, and less maintenance

Replacing the single pump system powered by direct current motors, we have invested in a new dual-pump system that enjoys significantly higher durability, precision, consistency, cleanliness, and less maintenance.

Pump #1

ink system intelligent pump

Intelligent Pump

The mechanism for pumping ink to the printhead has been completely revamped.

ink pump new electronic driver

The New Mechanism

Replacing the suction pump, which operates by drawing air out from one end of the tube, the new intelligent pump delivers ink from cartridges to the printhead by externally squeezing the ink tube in tiny and precise increments. A new electronic driver has also been installed (shown above) to facilitate the meticulous motion.

precise ink flow system pump

High Consistency

The squeezing mechanism is programmed to produce a steady and precise flow of ink throughout the system at all times, rather than the fluctuating pulses generated by the suction pump. Instead of sucking in a minuscule amount of air along with the ink like the suction pump, the new pump ensures a closed loop of ink, thus precluding any air bubble in the ink tube.

High Precision/Reliability

This high consistency also paves the way for higher degrees of precision and reliability. Cleaning and maintenance results can be relied upon without multiple tries to ascertain the accuracy of any single process. In other words, the pump can be eliminated as a potential factor in causing any inaccuracy.

High Durability/Less Maintenance

Owing to the nature of its mechanism, the old pump was unavoidably exposed to the ink, which has the potential to cause issues for the pump and the electric system. The new intelligent pump, by contrast, bears no direct contact with ink as they are always separated by the tube, thereby eliminating any adverse effect ink has on the pump system. The new Intelligent Pump was thus designed for permanent service.

Pump #2

Dedicated Cleaning Pump

Keeping It Clean

Responding to the user feedback that the ink waste bin might spill during moving or transport, another pump has been put into place to drain the ink waste bin. This will keep both the interior and exterior of the printers neat and tidy, making it easier to maintain its clean condition.

Part 2 – Improvements in Software

intelligent carriage

Intelligent Carriage (beta)

More time-saving

If only a small area within a large surface needs to be printed, the printhead can be directed to cover only this small area, saving a lot of time by not going all the way to the border.

UV Lamp Intelligent Power Saving

UV Lamp Intelligent Power Saving

Less maintenance

UV lamp can be programmed to be turned on over the printed area and automatically turned off where the ink doesn't apply. Besides saving energy and prolonging the life of UV lights, it minimizes the potential printhead issues resulting from unnecessary light reflection.

API (hot folder)

Less hassle

By using a hot folder to generate print tasks, the desired settings can be programmed for each hot folder. As long as you know the required specification for the final print, all the files brought in this folder, regardless of their own sizes and resolutions, will be printed to this exact specification.Hot folders now support PNG as well.

USB Dongle

More user-friendly

If the USB dongle is not connected or accidentally removed, a pop-up window would appear suggesting the dongle is not detected. And the RIP software will automatically start when a USB dongle is detected.

Part 3 – Other Upgrades

New Ink Tube

More durable, more corrosion-resistant

A key portion of the ink tube, which has been occasionally reported to become less durable after extended usage, is replaced by a premium one produced by Saint-Gobain, which enjoys the highest industry standard in terms of corrosion resistance. It's thus also designed for permanent service.p>

New Industrial Tracks for 3000U Pro

More precise, less maintenance

The new kinetic system of the artis 3000U pro flatbed platform is equipped with the industrial tracks that are already seen on other artisJet models, taking the place of the wheels system. The motions of the platform are now more measured and precise, while the mechanical elements require less maintenance and have a longer life span.


These are among the major upgrades that artisJet has introduced in the newer versions. We have also implemented a myriad of minor tweaks and adjustments throughout the mechanical and electronic systems to fine-tune the performance and enhance the user experience. We believe that these upgrades will help boost printing production efficiency and ease of use, while improving the bottom lines for our clients. We'll continue to listen to user feedback and discover what matters most to our customers.

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It's always humbling to have left such a strong impression on someone that the impression led to business opportunities even after years of not meeting physically with each other. But when that happens, the entire business process becomes plain sailing for everyone involved.

Our potential partner in Italy opened the meeting with the remark at the top, and cheerfully told us that he remembered meeting artisJet at trade fairs every year from 2016 to 2019.

He understands artisJet from 0 to 1. Without viewing our presentation on any of our products, he passionately dove into his plan to market each one. And he’s right.

proV6 interactive inkjet printer
Young printer dimensions

Now after three years of not being able to meet due to travel restrictions, we met again. Although the meeting took place online, it felt like we were closer than we had ever been.

As a manufacturer, we recognize the importance of establishing a presence in the industry. And we are more aware of creating value for the market with consistent development in the dedicated market field.

Being able to identify and satisfy the demand of customers is the only thing that has been keeping vendors on customers' radar, and that is what we have been focusing on.

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When you think of printer maintenance, what kind of words usually come to mind: laborious, tedious, troublesome? Does it have to be that way?

Watch our latest video and learn how to do Printer Daily Maintenance in just ONE CLICK – that easy! - with artisJet digital inkjet printing systems.

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We witnessed how the INSTANT-PRINT-ON-DEMAND creates values to our culture and people.

Beijing is a world-famous ancient capital and a national cultural center, and the city with the oldest and largest number heritage sites in China.

The year of 2022 marks not only the 50th anniversary of UNESCO’s adoption of the Convention on the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage, but also the 40th anniversary of China’s establishment of the historical and cultural city system, with Beijing city becoming the first batch of national historical and cultural cities.


Hosted by the Office of the Committee, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural Relics, Beijing Central Axis Application and Protection Office, Beijing’s Historical and Cultural Cities Conservation Dialogue has been held at the beginning of August 2022, outside Di’anmen, the northern section of Beijing’s Central Axis.

What is Beijing’s Central Axis? It refers to the core area of the ancient capital city that stretches 7.8 kilometers from the Yongding Gate in the south to the Bell Tower and Drum Tower in the north. This area has a history back from Yuan Dynasty (11th century) to the Qing Dynasty (15th century).


Under the guidance of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the Beijing Historical and Cultural Cities Protection / Conservation Committee, the dialogue meeting carried out five special exhibitions with the theme of "actively promoting the protection of the Central Axis World Heritage List and displaying cultural charm": Painted City-Explore Beijing Central Axis International Youth Art Exhibition, Experience thousands of people and thousands of products - "Future Designer" Flexible Smart Manufacturing Mall.



artisJet company and team members are grateful for participating in the application of the Central Axis and be part of the amazing exhibitions, witnessing how the INSTANT-PRINT-ON-DEMAND creates values to our culture and people. It was an opportunity for everyone to understand how the story of ancient China and contemporary China can be shared to the world and children through digital artworks and intelligent design engines, such as innovative digital printing solutions (smart technology inkjet printers and software), while focusing on the personalized consumption needs.

digital-artwork-printing-with-inkjet technology

It’s a time when tradition converges with contemporary technology into protecting, preserving the heritage and sharing the history to future generations. An outstanding example illustrating how the instant-print solutions can boost culture and create the conversations with any contents!

Printing standard Braille doesn't have to be a frustratingly complex endeavor. Leveraging smart technologies that enable users to uncomplicate and speed up the production process, artisJet digital inkjet printers can, with just a few clicks, deliver ADA-compliant Braille printing on a limitless variety of materials.

dedicated braille mode
continuous printing
third party compatibility
print in one pass


DEDICATED BRAILLE MODE – Simplified one-click operation

To print ADA standard Braille, simply select the built-in Braille mode and you'd be good to go. All the settings for the shape and size of the dots have been pre-programed to strictly follow the exact official standards.

If normal embossed effect is also required, there are three thickness level presets to choose from, and the desired effect will be rendered in one run.

printing braille set
braille varnish dots

CONTINUOUS PRINTING – Minimizing labor cost

artisJet Workstation can combine multiple tasks for the same job together to drastically streamline the workflow.

For example, to accomplish the effect below, the three separate tasks: (1) printing color, (2) embossed effect, and (3) Braille, can be set up to automatically proceed one after another without the need for any manual operation in between, saving considerable time and labor costs.

acs command system
embossed and braille

THIRD-PARTY COMPATIBILITY – User-friendly batch automation

Since artisJet Workstation is fully compatible with common third-party editing softwares including Photoshop, Illustrator, and many more, it can be seamlessly integrated into any exisiting workflow.

Through hot folders, creating printing jobs is as easy as drag-and-drop. artisJet Workstation will handle the rest.

braille dots
software compatibility

PRINT IN ONE PASS – Less tasks, less time

artisJet printers apply Braille printing in one pass, eliminating any time lost caused by multi-stage processes and extra tasks that have to be programmed.

Through hot folders, creating printing jobs is as easy as drag-and-drop. artisJet Workstation will handle the rest.



Thanks to the high degree of scratch resistance bolstered by UV printing technology, Braille dots and other embossed effects produced by artisJet are able to withstand heavy use.

braille durability

Smooth and elegant

With no rough edges, the dome-shaped Braille dots exude a refined touch. A polished and sleek effect that unfailingly pleases businesses and users alike.

smoot braille dot
smooth braille print
smooth braille round dome


You can choose from two ink options, varnish (transparent ink) (image 1) and solid white ink, for different visual and tactile effects. The white dots can then be covered with color ink (image 2).

clear braille dots
coloured braille dots

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Want to meet us in May? We’ll be in AUSPACK, the largest food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing and packaging event in Australasian industry. Owned and presented by APPMA (Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association Limited), AUSPACK Packaging and Processing is the industry’s magnet for the southern hemisphere, bringing together more than 250 exhibitors and their latest products, innovations, technologies and solutions. Held every 2 years, make sure to come meet artisJet printing solutions with our partner Inkjet Print Australia in Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, along with more than 7,000 industry professionals.

Experience artisJet products in action in AUSPACK 2022

Inkjet Print Australia is the Master Distributor for sales, distribution, and technical support of the trusted manufacturer Anser Coding Inc. in thermal inkjet technology (TIJ), providing cost-effective and maintenance free industrial inkjet printing solutions in Australia and New Zealand territories. Offering reliable and innovative printing solutions, the team has taken the initiative in preparing and lay outing strategies for both online and offline marketing with artisJet brand, bringing artisJet UV LED printing solutions to Australian territory and will be displaying the products in AUSPACK:

artis 5000U printer– perfect companion in Braille signage printing, packaging printing and more;

artis 3000U pro – with the capability of printing on extensive array of media and applications, including seamless rotary customization as small as 1.5 cm in diameter and up to more than 20 cm diameter;

artisJet Young – the smart A4 small printer to run a smooth production without delays in different environments.

artis 5000U
artisJet Young
artis 3000U pro

Discover all in AUSPACK 2022! We look forward to welcoming you and to sharing our knowledge with you.

When? Starting Tuesday, 17th of May, at 9 am.

Where? Join the team in Stand A075, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia.

Check event’s Facebook page and stay updated AUSPACK 2022.

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artisJet in Australia
printing solutions in Australia

“Create more value to my stock customers by providing complementary solutions”

Based in Sydney, Rob has been actively serving the Label printing industry for a number of years. He's now thinking about diversifying his portfolio to offer instant-printing and ready-to-use system as a complementary solution for his existing customers.

Proactivity promotes productivity

Being proactive is one of the core values of artisJet, and we are thrilled to have a business partner who's also a champion of proactivity. Even before seeing a live demo of artisJet products, Rob has taken the initiative to prepare and lay out the strategies for both online and offline marketing campaigns, including an Australia-based website (under construction) as well as a plan for bringing artisJet products to trade fairs in Australia in the near future.

When two proactive business partners come together, business progress can be swift and fruitful. Within just a few days of talks, we are already finalizing the details of our exhibition in Australia, happening this month. Stay tuned and we'll keep you updated on how you can experience artisJet products in action in Australia.

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